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Old 22 May 2005, 00:44   #1 (permalink)
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Default Tau Army

Hello Everyone,

I was just sorting through some old figure cases and found these chaps. It is my Tau army that I collected when the army was first released. Some of them look cool, some I am not happy with, but here they are for your viewiing pleasure...

The HQ... I couldn't collect Tau and not add O'Sovah to my collection. I think he is the best painted suit in the army mainly because I spent more time on him.

This is my Ethereal, I am not at all pleased with the white, but the blue cloak is wonderful.

The Battle Suits...

The highlighting on this first Crisis team is a little rough, and the poses are very "un-dynamic", but I like to keep Dynamic to the display models and my table-top figures and assembled for speed and survivability.

This is the second Crisis Team, there is a third suit, but he is not painted.

This is the Firewarrior team I have painted, there is a second unfinished squad. The weapon selection is not great, I should get rid of the Carbines, but they were assembled before the codex was released.

And the Heavy Support. On these Broadsides I did small convertion work, like leg repositioning and removing fired missles

And the Hammerhead... It as a few scratches but still looks quite stunning... Oh, and I appear to have lost the SMS's so there are just some Gun Drones filling space...* :-\

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Default Re: Tau Army

I like it. The chocolate and cream, the Firewarriors came out really well. Nice stuff
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Old 22 May 2005, 09:10   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: Tau Army

Wow respect man, that's one nifty paint job!

How did you get that cream colour? Build up of Bleached bone and skull white?

And that ethereal is be-autiful....
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Default Re: Tau Army

I like your colour scheme, especially the ethereal; you say you dont like the white, but if you mean the greyish-bluis-white, that looks really cool IMO
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Default Re: Tau Army

Perfect paintnig job man, your O'Sovah could be in the codex, it's so good.
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Default Re: Tau Army

Simply Beautiful.

What colors did you use for the cream, something like a vermin brown with bone over it? I love the look

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Default Re: Tau Army

WOW! man those are nice you got skillz my man!
i like tacos and burritos baby, dont forget the hot sauce cholo! Now made with real chicken, pork, and beef!
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Default Re: Tau Army

Originally Posted by commander_mango
How did you get that cream colour? Build up of Bleached bone and skull white?
Basically, yes.

I used a Bubonic Brown spray, and then a Leperous Brown Wash for the almost golden shading. Then Bleached Bone straigt as the base colour.

I missed this step for the Fire Warriors, but anything bigger had a first highlight of a 50:50 mix of Bleached Bone and Skull White.

Then just skull white as a highlight. Due to poor lighting conditions however, this step does just look like the previous one... :-\

And finally any really obvious shadows were shaded with a stroke of leperous Brown.

Note: Leperous Brown is no longer available as a GW colour, so Vomit Brown is a good replacement, it is not quite as golden but does the job.
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Default Re: Tau Army

Mannnnn.... wow.... this is the first thread I saw on coming back from lunch, and I'm blown away. The Eterial has a real nice weathered look and the detailing on those firecaste is superb. One question, is that Commander being fielded as O'Shovah? Cuz Farsight armies can't include Ethereals. :-\
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Default Re: Tau Army

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