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Making of my Tau Army.(Update p2, 3 news pics)
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Old 21 May 2005, 07:16   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Making of my Tau Army.(Update p2, 3 news pics)

Hi every body! I've just started an all new Tau army. Making conversion for my battle suits, and panting every units. So, i'm gonna put some pictures right here each time a unit will be done.
I wanted to make a color scheme close to the one used in the Tau codex, but quite different enough to be mine.
One reason I started the Tau army( the first one it's because of the models of course) is the GW Tau army paint scheme.

So, here are my three first units:

Shas'O( XV-89 Crisis, forge world model) and my ethereal and Tau.





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Default Re: Making of my Tau Army.

you got some good stuff there right now i would say something bad about your painting but i have nothing bad to say YOU GET MY APPROVAL!!!!!
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Default Re: Making of my Tau Army.

Very nice and clean unit markings, and from what I can tell some good-looking gemstone effects. Can't quite tell what the light tone is from the photos--looks like a washed-out sepia, or maybe a light bronze? A little monochromatic with the reddish cast of the lighter shade, but they work well together. The paint looks a bit heavy on the Ethereal's cloak. Excellent work on the basing, and on the poses. That advanced crisis suit looks ready to leap off the base and kick some ass.

All in all, great work.
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Default Re: Making of my Tau Army.

Very cool man, i love the heavy drybrushing and the battlesuit.
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Default Re: Making of my Tau Army.

hell yeah them's some nice model's good work man.
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Default Re: Making of my Tau Army.

You've definately got the makings of a great painter, my only suggestion is to clean your painting up a bit, its a tad messy. Apart from that, thumbs up from me.

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Default Re: Making of my Tau Army.

very nice. aparenttly you put a lot of time into them. great job.
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Default Re: Making of my Tau Army.

I love the different painting style. The heavy drybrushing blurs the lines and really gives the impression of motion to your models. Very different from the GW "official" style, and impressive in its own right. Keep up the good work!
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Default Re: Making of my Tau Army.

damn, all that time spent being busy elsewhere and i missed this one. read the topic for new posters then try again
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Making of my Tau Army.

Wow! Thanks a lot for your comments! I'm really glad that you like it

Bloodie fangs, I'm sorry, I didn't understood the second part of your post, dis I make something wrong???

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