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Space Marine Librarian
Old 19 Oct 2008, 15:16   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Space Marine Librarian

It's my first attempt at a Space Marine in Terminator Armour, but I thought that he turned out quite well. Sorry if the pics aren't that good . Don't know what you guys think, but I think it's quite good considering I'm 14

C&C welcome!
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Default Re: Space Marine Librarian

Nice stuff ;D

A few quick things you could to to improve it even further; would be, ink the gold with watered down brown ink to add depth. And grab your finest brush and paint some text on his book with black ink. (painting text with chaos black paint makes it too contrasting, ink is much better IMO).

I like the combi wep plasma coil, and the armour is nicely highlighted. Cant wait to see some more minis out from your camp
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Default Re: Space Marine Librarian

It's nice. I think you should put some writing in the book. What army do you collect?
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Space Marine Librarian

Red Scorpions. I'm currently working on a Drop Pod and a Tactical Sergeant.
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Default Re: Space Marine Librarian

Work on basing a model is usually reflected in it's base so if you add a lot of stuff to the base it will work better make it seem...... more unique a good base is the same as a good conversion it needs work but it'll make the model look so much better.
Maybe A dead tyranid or two (considering i observe you also collect nids).
I do however enjoy the maount of care reflected in this model the paint scheme is very good i like the shading and highlighting. but the book does lack text. very good though.
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