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...To Boldly Go Where No [Fish]man Has Gone Before
Old 21 Sep 2008, 22:34   #1 (permalink)
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Default ...To Boldly Go Where No [Fish]man Has Gone Before

A Lack of palstic woods has forced a short break in the wood elves I've been working on, but as soon as I get a day off (Tueday) I'll be back to them. In the meantime I took the opportunity to bang out a Battlefleet Gothic Tau Fleet. I'm really impressed with the overall speed of the fleet. I fully expected to order them, wait a few months for forgeworld to deliver them and having lost interest by this point they'd languih in their box for a few months. As it turns out, I ordered them Monday, they arrived Wednesday and I got them painted by today (sunday).

I alway thought the descriptions of how the tau ether-drive works was very similar to the Star Trek warp drive, so unleashing the inner-trekkie I tried for a colour scheme inspired by the USS Defiant, ableit grimed up a bit to fit in with all that grim darkness! As soon as some transfer paper I've ordered arives, they'll all be getting appropriate trek influenced names and registrations done in the tau alphabet.

Trying to photograph these things on a black background was a nightmare, so I had to try again on my stock white one. Where posible I've included the black ones as wel though!

The Custodian, pride of the fleet:

Some Protector cruisers (I plan to add some mroe of these in the future)

Castellan Escorts:

And the Warden Gunboats, whose resemblence to the Defiant started the cogs in my head working

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Default Re: ...To Boldly Go Where No [Fish]man Has Gone Before

Wow once again your painting skills blow my mind away. I love the weather look that the ships have.
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Default Re: ...To Boldly Go Where No [Fish]man Has Gone Before

Nice painting coari keep up the good work. I hope you get some victories for the greater good form these.
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Default Re: ...To Boldly Go Where No [Fish]man Has Gone Before

These are bloody gorgeous. I WANT your Custodian. To pilot. Into space. With a crew of my friends.
Originally Posted by Restayvien
Well I'd rather not play the game at all than play it like they did! :P
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Default Re: ...To Boldly Go Where No [Fish]man Has Gone Before

On a totally unrelated plot, have you mounted the mantas 2 to a base?

If so, you've robbed yourself. Manta bombers are mounted singly(sp).

Have four more bases.

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Default Re: ...To Boldly Go Where No [Fish]man Has Gone Before

Your Custodian.
I want it.

That's some seriously nice starship painting there corai. May I ask what your technique for making the streaky/grimy look was?
…I wish other people around here played BFG, so I could justify getting a proper Kor'or'vesh fleet from Forgeworld.
Originally Posted by CmdrBonesaw
"Drop the shovel, and stand back from the keyboard!"

We have done the impossible... and that makes us mighty.
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Default Re: ...To Boldly Go Where No [Fish]man Has Gone Before

very nice scheme and paintjob. very nice indeed
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