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Showing off my Tau
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Default Showing off my Tau

Hey guys. I am still kinda new to these boards, but anyways, i figured i would finally show off my tau. I am just getting started with this army, and i got two units finished. The main goal of this army is too have a fully painted force, not just half a unit here or there. So in terms of my painting, i am going with faster techiniques of painting, actually painting full units at a time, so doing the assembly line painting. Also i am using inks and washes and keeping highlights of certain colors limited for effect.

So i started off with a battle force, extra hammerhead, and two extra crisis suits, one being a commander. Also ordered the shadowsun mini as i was gonna do a conversion for my commander, but that fell thru, as i wasn't happy with the size of the weapons to the suit. Its a start of a force, and i am working on them also for a 200 point a month progression army build and play thing a the local GW store. I am behind by two months, so thats another reason for a faster and simpler scheme. Right now i am done with the first 220 points, and working on the 12 kroot, marker drone, and commander, followed up by the next two stealth suits. After that i will get to the two tanks.

In the case of my tau, i have chosen to go with a yellow and black scheme. I was looking at different sept colors and i couldn't decided. I opted for a dark red, almost burgundy accent for my sept colors. I didn't want to go with the blood red of the vior'la, and wanted to use the sept Elsy'eir. So i opted for a darker red. Anyways, enough blabbing. Heres a link to my pbase account since i can't post the pics directly from the site. Enjoy. I will add more tau pics as i work on finishing them.
Direct link to the stealth suit images in my tau's gallery.

If you want to compare my painting skills, my amethyst fists are my DIY marines i am doing. They aren't my absolute best work, but they are alot more tedious, and why i haven't finished them yet. For them i have just a 6 man tac squad, 5 man tac squad, a dread, couple of characters finished and several more tactical marines in stages of being finished. They are also on hold till the new dex comes out.
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