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A Firewarrior - Then and Now
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Default A Firewarrior - Then and Now

So I haven't had much passion or desire to work on my Tau in a long time, but I recently decided to try to get as many of them done as possible rather than have them sit around, half of them primed and the other half just grey.

The two pictures are a study of my work done a couple years ago versus recently. The one on the left looks good, but of course has lots of room for improvement. The FW on the right though was painted this week. The big areas of improvement for me were on the lenses, which I think came out great, and the highlights were also a step up. I've been working on my blending technique, and I think there are some really good spots on this, there are of course some spots that didn't come out too well, but I'm starting to get the hang of it, plus I didn't spend too much time on him because I'm trying to just get these guys done to at least a tabletop quality.

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Default Re: A Firewarrior - Then and Now

The paint job looks quite good even your older model I just think maybe a little to much green maybe could break it up with a little more bone, perhaps for the knee pads or the ankles maybe.
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Default Re: A Firewarrior - Then and Now

I agree with Mr. Flibble, but still I love the green because I like green tau :P

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Default Re: A Firewarrior - Then and Now

They look great! The first one is very well done, though I can easily see the improvements in your newer paintjob.
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Default Re: A Firewarrior - Then and Now

They look great. The lenses are definitely a big improvement, but I think it's probably a good thing that the models of two years back aren't vastly different to your new ones - They still fit in.

I can see where Mr. Flibble is coming from in regards to the addition of bleched bone to the ankles, but I think it might actually look a bit odd to be honest, and I think it's enough that the toes and back of the legs have a splash of bleached bone to them. So all in all, top notch, they're gonna make for a gorgeous army when they're done.
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