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Default Treeman

Finished it, with some minor modifications, Including the addition of a Spite high up on his head.

Well, This was made from the GW woods set.

Conversion shots here.

Just realised, I need to paint the rope around it's leg.... But other than that it's done :P
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Old 08 Aug 2008, 04:28   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: Treeman

lookin' pretty snazzy JD...
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Default Re: Treeman

Wow that looks awesome was thinking of doing a wood elf army myself until I found out half the army is lead miniatures well the good looking ones anyway. I swear the fourth picture makes your treeman look like hes doing the "walk like an egyptian" dance though :P
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Default Re: Treeman

looks very nice jd... kinda familiar though aint it lol, nah good work
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