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Hive Tyrants
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Old 04 May 2005, 21:32   #1 (permalink)
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Default Hive Tyrants

Here are my two 2nd edition Hive Tyrants
One has wings, scything talons and a lash whip (and extended carapace- which it cant have in the new codex )
The other has scything talons and a venom cannon
Neither is finished completely yet- especially the wings

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Default Re: Hive Tyrants

Very nice.
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Default Re: Hive Tyrants

Sweet. I love the old Tyrants...

Yeah, I play WoW. So sue me.
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Default Re: Hive Tyrants

That winged 2nd edition Tyrant is probably one of the best non-Golden Daemon ones I've seen. Very nice. Reminds me of Chaos... oops! I had an evil thought!
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Default Re: Hive Tyrants


I should get round to finish it when the new nids are released next month- at the moment im concentrating on my Orksies

Although I think my Carnifex will be more of a priority
In fact, I may give up eating and sleeping until the Carnifex is finished
Cos it is such a cool model...

Anyway, the winged Tyrant
It has extended carapace on the model (note the spikes on his back- from a helicopter kit)
But it cant have ext. carapace in the new dex....

And it probably cant have a lash whip on its own either....

Oh well- the lower left scy tal (from a 2nd ed lictor) could be a bonesword, couldnt it..?

Well, I may have to change it slightly in the future, but Im sure it will only look better...
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