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Battle an Kandris Secundus.
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Default Battle an Kandris Secundus.

The following images were gathered by men of the 175th Galetonian, whilst guarding the Valkyre Marauder Destroyer known as "Ghostrider", vessel of Wing Commander Wesker.

The images were taken with a monochrome pict-recorder during the final stages of the conflict.

Ghostrider deploying in the Merchant Square. Enemy air superiority meant risking runs back to the Naval station was dangerous. Presumably, this was taken on the very assault that restored Naval air-dominance in the conflict.

The figure at the bottom is Enginseer Mechan, who helped loading and repairs. The Servitor is working on the turret, which suffered problems with motor-jams after coming under fire.

Behind the Marauder is a Destroyer Tank Hunter, presumably Grey Venger. The 114th "Kitfox" squadron is visible on the horizon, waiting to provide escort for the attack run.

The Servitor is completing final checks on the turret, which seems now to be moving freely. Note the Conqueror Defiance immobilised from track-damage in the background, and a Chimera belonging to the Schola Progenium. The passengers are deployed in the adjacent building, but are not visible.

Note the Sniper in the foreground. The presence of the Marauder and other armour pieces encouraged the Chaos to attempt sapper-runs into the area, and Imperial Snipers took a heavy toll on their number. The lack of any protection for the head is due to local superstition, rather than to help the man's aim. The redeploying of Grey Venger suggests the presence of Chaos Armour not far away.

Ghostrider airborne. Mechan's Gun-Servitors are ready to lay down cover-fire, whilst the Standard Bearer rallies the men together and waves off the Marauder. Based on direction of flight, this was indeed the Air-Supremacy Offensive, and from cross-referencing reports, the craft took off minutes before the main Chaos attack hit the area, a fight subsequently won by the heroic efforts of the Mischief Makers.
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Default Re: Battle an Kandris Secundus.

Very nice models there Wargamer. Top notch.
That Marauder is quite scary! Look at all those barrels

I especially like those Servitors... they bring a comfort of moronic-loyalty to an old Inquisitor's eye amongst all this metal.

I would really like to see them painted!
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Default Re: Battle an Kandris Secundus.

hahaha. the city of syrofoam! that rules! awsome models too. ;D
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Default Re: Battle an Kandris Secundus.

hmmmmm much hurtiness......sorry, the ork in me popped out there. excellent valkyrie there mate
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Default Re: Battle an Kandris Secundus.

very nice marauder, now paint it
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Default Re: Battle an Kandris Secundus.

yeah looks good i want to see the paint
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