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Falcon Guard - 17/7/08 - Elite Guard - Help Needed!
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Default Falcon Guard - 17/7/08 - Elite Guard - Help Needed!

Well im working on a Ultramarine successor chapter that uses a hell of alot of jump troops. Because of this im using the Blood Angels dex. ;D
They are quite bright and bold, painted to a table-top sorta level.

Remove jump packs special rule on this one.

I used Gamesworkshop and Vallejo paints - proving that GW and Valle can co-exist in perfect harmony on one model after all

And here is the assault squad all done.

C+ C welcome, along with any ideas for new an interesting assault marine poses .... after like 30 assault marines im going to run out of inspiration at this rate
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Default Re: Falcon Guard - First Unit

Four points:

#1 Absolutely hate the colour scheme. But bonus points for originality as you don't see ones like this very often anymore.

#2 Very well painted, nice and neat.

#3 Great poses, very dynamic.

#4 The highlighting on the knives is a nice touch.
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Default Re: Falcon Guard - First Unit

That scheme looks painful to paint...
Originally Posted by Gareth
Clip_II you're my hero. You get my respect and admiration. ;D
Originally Posted by Lord Solar
Originally Posted by Clip_II
PK nobs, Big Choppa bike boss, and Flash Gits!(oh wait that wasn't a tank, it was flying...) ;D
Shut it...
I love Flash Gits
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Default Re: Falcon Guard - First Unit

Ok, well I guess I'm gonna have to disagree in part with my peers here; I think the two primary colours and their pattern look great, but there are altogether too many colours on the models. I think painting the helmets white is a little too much, even if the shoulder pad trim was red or blue. White is too stark a colour for such a colour scheme - It'd work well to pick out the squad sergeant, but when they've all got it, it just clashes. As for the trim...well perhaps company markings could take the form of a number, character, symbol or numeral on the shoulder pads, knees or shin guards?

Blue and red work well in my opinion; they're not traditionally complementary, but they seem to go well enough. White kinda breaks it a little, but that'd be ok to represent veterans or something. But green is a step too far. :-\

Colours aside though I think the standard of painting is excellent and the poses pretty damn fine too. Consider though that they need not all be in a state of frenetic action; they don't all have to be swinging swords or shooting; they needn't even be running or flying. You could do some in poses with both feet firmly planted on the ground. Some of my favourites (from my own collection) are posed in a manner that suggests they just dispatched one foe and are looking for their next - Just that split second between fights. I think I have some pics somewhere, hang on...

Originally Posted by Colonel_Sanders
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Default Re: Falcon Guard - First Unit

I agree with Tom that the color scheme could use condensing. The color scheme is unique, well-executed, and overall very nice, although there's an excess of colors. Unlike Tom, I would drop the green shoulder pads and color them white like the helmet. I've always liked white on Space Marines. Honestly, though, dropping either the green or the white would work. Right now the green is only present on the shoulder pads (and the grenades, but small details like that aren't always as important to keep with the scheme), and the white is on the helmets; at the very least, a color should be present in two places on a model, so replacing one of these with the other color would help unit the scheme.

Now, that's not to say these models are in any way bad. The painting is great. I especially like the contrast between the red and blue alternating on his legs. The conversions are nice as well. The simple touch of that gauntlet-mounted blade shows the army's assault-y nature very clearly.
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Default Re: Falcon Guard - First Unit

I disagree with all of these guys. I think the colour scheme is fantastic. The only way I could think it's cooler is if you did the heads in yellow.

Bear in mind I'm ear-deep in love for the Harlequins, so that could be why =P

It's like the Howling Griffons but it looks a hell of a lot easier to paint.

I can't offer any changes, I think it rocks as it is =)
Originally Posted by Restayvien
Well I'd rather not play the game at all than play it like they did! :P
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Default Re: Falcon Guard - First Unit

Hmm, mixed messages on the scheme then :-X
I think you're right about slightly too many colours - I think ill paint the shoulder trim the same colour as the actual pad, instead of green. (green was company markings). Like Droids and Tom suggested. Ill stick a new pic up ina bit.

#1 Absolutely hate the colour scheme. But bonus points for originality as you don't see ones like this very often anymore.
Lol, yea - most of my inspiration came from the early 90's when chaos were bright red and orks were bright green. Just look through the old white dwarfs

Love your red scorpion headed marines, Tom. Ive got 20 of those heads to use on my next 2 squads (note red scorp body on this marine). ;D Where did you get those lovely lovely serrated swords?
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Default Re: Falcon Guard - First Unit

I for one love it as other have suggested maybe darken one of the colours helmet to black or a darker green on the trim.


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Default Re: Falcon Guard - First Unit

The painting is fantastic. If you like the color scheme, then you keep it. I love it. I was thinking of painting my marines like that too.

Could we see more pics of the other assault marines?
Originally Posted by Crazedmongoose
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Originally Posted by BloodiedFangs
Scoutninja's 100% correct.

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Default Re: Falcon Guard - First Unit

Alright, mate, I'm going to be honest, but hear me out because I'm not being critical. Fair enough? Good. Here it goes.

1) I'm going to have to agree with Tom here, and that's odd because Tom...well...Tom's just not normal. ;D I mean, in the real world he is. But here we all use pretend names and he uses his real one. So that makes him abnormal for Tau Online. Anyway.

Your color combination makes these guys look like clowns. There, I said it. The red and blue are great together. But green is a) a complimentary (opposite) color for red and a b) a neighboring color of blue. Now, a little color theory for you. Complimentary (opposite) colors like red/green, blue/orange, purple/yellow look great together. They also enhance eachother. That's why tomatoes are sold on green foam bases and why they put greens in with red roses. So your red makes your green on the shoulder pads look brighter.

Okay, a little more. The neighboring colors work like minor keys in music. They work because they don't work. Blue and green look neat together because they catch your eye enough to be uncomfortable. This technique works well with subtle colors, but when you add a complimentary color...well, it can look odd. The same would happen if you had Red + Blue + Orange.

The white would probably look alright if you dropped the green on the shoulder pads. I think that's your main problem here. You might have to get rid of the white though too. I mean, really, you don't have to do anything. But those are my recommendations.

2) That said, your painting / modeling is great. Your colors are clean and bold with neat lines. The highlights are great and the scheme looks like it took a lot of time. I certainly don't want to seem like I'm demeaning it in any way. You are a great painter and, unfortunately, I'm of the opinion that your current color scheme detracts a little from your skill.

Great work, though. Thanks for sharing.
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