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Blood Angel Medic
Old 13 May 2008, 17:04   #1 (permalink)
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Default Blood Angel Medic

I asked a buddy of mine if I could paint some of his Death Company. The first one I painted I realized was a medic, not DC. Anyway, here he is. Sorry, I am still perfecting my photo skills.

I've left him unbased so that my friend can match him to his existing Blood Angel army.

In the pics I'm noticing a number of painting errors that are (at least IRL) are hard to really see, ie. the yellow caduceus on his shoulder pad and his eyes.. Id have to say the white was the most difficult job highlighting. Also, my first gem work was done on the blood drop in the center of the aquila.

I would love some feedback, particularly on the reds, and improving the white, and "bone" areas.


[img width=650 height=198]http://i242.photobucket.com/albums/ff173/Dantowen/JoshsMedicFinishedonBackgroundSigco.jpg[/img]
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Old 13 May 2008, 17:15   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: Blood Angel Medic

Not bad at all, pretty clean looking job.

Is it me or does the model just lack any highlighting on the red? I see some shadowing, just no highlights. I also see a mold line on the side of the jump pack. The battle damage is good, small and subtle, I like it. From what I can see on the bone colors, it looks good. Some solid shading there. The white isn't bad, just looks too clean on the shoulders to me. Oh, where's the writing on the purity seal?
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Default Re: Blood Angel Medic

Another excellent example of your work, Dawg. Love the highlighting, in particular the bone and the nice subtle red highlights, not to mention the gems effects. Plus the belt details are seriously cool. Tiny little details like the jump pack mould line and the burr on the shoulder pad let it down a little, and it'd look infinitely better if you took a hobby knife to them. The white's a bit thick in places, but that can be a bit hard to avoid sometimes, and the nice shading more than compensates for it (I can never quite get white shading right). Also, one tiny thing - the detail on the top of the right hand. I know it's the way the model is made, but I reckon it might look a little better with some more dark shading in the middle. Other than that, pretty much flawless.
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Default Re: Blood Angel Medic

I like it!
The red is nice with the subtle highlights and i like the the battle damage.
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Default Re: Blood Angel Medic

That is some very well painted armour
This is a great community, thanks a million skylight!
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