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My first space wolf.
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Default My first space wolf.

This is my first space wolf that i have painted It is a scout and looks pretty cool and another 3 scouts and Logan grimnar should pop up in time.

Front image.

Back image.
(edit: the first image was to blurry)
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Default Re: My first space wolf.

First pic is too blurry try taking it again. The back on the second pic looks good. the problem is the paint got a little thick. Good base though. I like the scratches on the sword.
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Default Re: My first space wolf.

Actually I think that might be fingerprints...happens to the best of us my friend.

But looks good, a good techinque to improve on over time.

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Default Re: My first space wolf.

The paint looks thick, perhaps you could water it down more? Otherwise, well done! ^^
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Default Re: My first space wolf.

Nice, a good start. But it can be improved upon:

1. Neaten up some of it - there are some areas, such as on the back of your armour, where the paint has slopped over the lines a bit or you don't quite paint to the edge. Neaten up those lines, and the overall quality will look far better.

2. Water down the paints - this applies to some colours more than others - the yellow and the blue being good examples. See on the back of the plasma pistol, where the paint has a rough texture? That = bad. ou don;t have to water them down much, just enough so that the paint flows freely, and is watery enough not to be at all sticky, or hold its shape.

3. Use multiple coats - I myself use Space Wolves Grey, and know that it doesn't always give an even coverage. When you can see the undercoat under it, give it more coats until you can't. Same goes for the yellow - yellow hardly ever gives complete coverage with one coat - especially if it's watered down, which it really should be.

4. Give the skin some depth - now we're on to the fancy bits. Real skin is never just one colour - it is a variety of tones, and a single colour for skin on a model can look quite bland. At this stage you shouldn't worry about other highlighting just yet, but some simple skin highlighting is easy to do, and can dramatically improve the appearance of your model. Personally, I start of with a mix of Red Gore and Dwarf Flesh that looks a little like crushed raspberries and white ice cream (yum). Paint this all over the skin. It looks odd, but it won't for long. Next, apply Dwarf Flesh in all but the lowest areas. Finally, apply a mix of Dwarf Flesh and a little Skull White to pick out the highest areas of skin. And there you have it - easy highlighted skin!

Oh, and paint the pupils in, he looks kinda like a zombie with just the white.

Hope that helped you - I'm not trying to be harsh and don't get me wrong, this is a good model, especially for your first Space Wolf. And with a few little improvements he could look even better. Happy Painting my friend!
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