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Ravenwing/Deathwing HQ
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Default Ravenwing/Deathwing HQ

Finally found my camera. I don't do much painting these days, but I have been taking more time on what I do paint.


My take on Belial. Picture is a little blurry. I may retake it under natural light tomorrow.


These two are among my favorite models in the entire range.


I finally caved in and built the Land Speeder version. I never really liked the idea of the Master using a Land Speeder, so I didn't try to model it as the same individual. I think of the Speeder commander as sort of a "vice-captain" for the Ravenwing.
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Default Re: Ravenwing/Deathwing HQ

Very nice, very clean.

I take it Belial is Lysander?

The models are very good, but maybe you could try something more interesting on the bases?

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Thanks to Jais for finding the avatar!
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Default Re: Ravenwing/Deathwing HQ

Niiiiiiiice work there! Fantastic shading and NMM

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