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My first scratch sculpt.
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Default My first scratch sculpt.

Well, a couple of eeks aog there was what was a contest at the local GW store that was to use the 'big guys' of fantasy.* In other words Ogres, Giants, etc.

Not having a model but wanting to give it a go I decided instaed of buying I'd give it a go at sculpting my own from this modelling putty that we had been keeping in a back cuboard for some time.* It was a bit rushed at the end and I made a few mistakes i've learned form since then.* Main one was checking my scale.* This was to be an Ogre, but I had no similar model to compare it too.* Whent he day rolled around I realized it was actually a good couple inches to large and actaully on scale witha giant. ;D

Ah well, it worked out in the end.* Take a look and tell me what you think.

PS: The only bits I used where the shield for his belt and a old chaos banner pole that was turned into a double headed axe.
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Default Re: My first scratch sculpt.

very nice. i'm quite impressed
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Default Re: My first scratch sculpt.

I like! great pose, and the expression on the Ogre's face looks awesome...like he's really gonna nail someone with that axe...lol.

Did you sculpt the axe blade as well? Can't tell too well with the photo, but it looks like you got alot of detail on it...

The topknot's a great touch...

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Old 03 Apr 2005, 20:29   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: My first scratch sculpt.

Thanks for the comments guys. No, the axe wasn't sculpted but it was built out of a few old bits I had laying aobut form an old chaos warriors sprue. A couple of the great axes were deprived of thier blades and as said, a chaos banner became the haft. I did a little work to make it look like it was shoddily bolted togeter and rusted. It's really to bad you can't see it in these pictures.
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Default Re: My first scratch sculpt.

wow. cool.
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