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My Falcon
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Kroot Shaper
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Default My Falcon

a few pics of my falcon
i realy dont like vehicles so there arent many more
in my collection heh

hope u enjoy it

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Default Re: My Falcon

The highlights are a bit too extreme for my tastes (a lighter colour than that of the base colour is best), and the gems are rudimentary (ideally they are supposed to smoothly transition from light to dark) and there are too many conflicting colours there, but it's nice to see you've tried your hand at something unique in terms of decoration. The free hand is a bit sloppy, but at least you've given it a go. Keep at it and you'll have a unique and fabulous Eldar army one day.
Originally Posted by Colonel_Sanders
When all was finished, the battlefield was a smoking crater. UDC, Valoran, US Army, Tau, the Nazis, a random pirate ship, and a bunch of ninjas, all were enemies to the Vulture. All were turned into scrap metal. Or plastic. Depends which game system you play.
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