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Leman Russ - Variants
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Default Leman Russ - Variants

Hey all,

Due to the generous donation of one of the members here (Who's name will be omitted to protect his privacy) I have gotten a second turret for my Leman Russ, meaning I have both a battle cannon and demolisher turret. What options!

Here are some quickly taken pictures, sorry for the quality:

Normal Russ:

Take a look at the Gems:

Demolisher Russ:

Both Turrets:

Thanks for looking.
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Default Re: Leman Russ - Variants

nice use of inks there! and the lenses look great,

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Default Re: Leman Russ - Variants

Agreed, the lenses look nice. You might consider drilling out the heavy bolter barrels though.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Leman Russ - Variants

I like your work.
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Default Re: Leman Russ - Variants

Looks good.

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