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Dark Angels Jumppack Chaplain
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Default Dark Angels Jumppack Chaplain

This guy still has to have lettering written on all the parchments and purity seals, but in the meantime, have a look. Took me about a week to do. Amazing how once you take photos you see all the mistakes you made and places you could have made it look smoother.

Back view

And the side showing his chapter badge.

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Default Re: Dark Angels Jumppack Chaplain

Very Nice.
It could however, use a bit of highlighting on cloth, red handle, and the skull.

The Skull really doesn't stand out much from the cloth, It's all the same procedure. You might want to try going back with bleached bone, and then 2 parts bleached bone and part skull white to get a nice effect that will bring the skull out a bit more.

The highlights on the torso are well done and I commend you for that, I'm still getting around to painting black more often. (I like colorful armies, my orks look cartoonish to a degree ) The highlights on the legs though, are harder to see, the left foot of your chaplain seems to have no highlights at all, a bit of codex gray, or even fortress gray on the raised armor plates could bring it out a whole lot more. The highlights on your backpack seem kind of rough, they are very thick, and look more like a border than an actual highlight. If you thinned them down just a little bit they'd be spot on.

Last but not least, you painted the inside of your jump pack red. That's fine and all, but they're kind of messy, if you cleaned it up a bit, and highlighted into the center with some blazing orange, you'd again, get a very good result, you have the first step in process, continue and it'll look much, much better.

Overall, good model
Work on this...
Great model

You have promise, just get a little more practice and you'll be over the hill

Dark Reaper Khornate
I'm surprised my account was still active!
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