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Finished Ravener Pics (Pic Heavy)
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Default Finished Ravener Pics (Pic Heavy)

Hey all,
Just finished painting my first ravener. My goal was to have the skin look like it had an almost snow "burned" look and the chitin was painted to look like the rocks and landscape of the base. As for the base, I tried for a tundra/rubble look so it would fit in most urban and rural boards. I flocked it with both static grass and that new snow flock from GW. I took close ups of finer detail bits so they could be seen better. Also, I apologize if some of the images suck, I'm still trying to get a good handle on my camera settings for model pictures.
Click the images to get larger versions.
Please critique the heck out of it.

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Default Re: Finished Ravener Pics (Pic Heavy)

I like it a really, like it, before I read it I though and looked at the basing its very water looking. Seems he has a bit of frost burn
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Default Re: Finished Ravener Pics (Pic Heavy)

Looks great! I like your color choices.
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