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My first painted model
Old 15 Sep 2007, 09:10   #1 (permalink)
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Default My first painted model

I debated long about where to put this but then decided Hobby, hope I made the right choice :P


My first painted model EVER ;D
I have had nothing to do with art classes and I'm certainly not an experienced artist so based on that please criticize fairly

My camera has shocking quality, even with all the settings set correctly on that first pic it still isnt brilliant so there's my excuse

Anyway, my questions...

The Rail gun was bent slightly when I got it with my broadside, I thought "No problem, my ethereals honour blade was easy to bend" But alas that isn't so, I cant seem to bend the rail gun back into a straight position, its too large to bend easily and too small for me to get a grip on it with my hands, please help ???

Also my drones cannot fit into their little transparent stick thingy's (good name aye?) and the support cant fit into the base either, do I have to cut it? Just thought I would verify with you guys before I did anything I would regret
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Default Re: My first painted model

nice, very nice for a first painted model. (i cant do it any better ;D)
The railgun, i dont know, i dont have one, though the transparent stick, mine was too large too, just cut it with clippers ot a stanley knife.

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Old 15 Sep 2007, 11:00   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: My first painted model

The model look great for a first model.

My first was a warrior of the last alliance (gondorian) all black with a big white line on the centre of the shield, with hair, face and helmet all chainmail and a little bit of the face dwarf flesh.

As I said great first painted model. And the top pic's fine, the middle is a bit dark (might want to use flash or rearrange lighting) and the bottom one is just a little defocussed. I'm not good at photography so I just take lots of photos, if I take 100 at least 3 should be OK. :P

For the transparent stick my only advise is trying pressing it really hard (but don't bend it at all, they break really easily) and if that doesn't work then shave a bit off the bit that's meant to go in with a craft knife, if it only goes about half-way into the base then you might be able to cut half of the bit that goes into the base off, that worked with two of my wave serpents, my vyper and my shining spears.

For the broadside's gun I would say that you should try to bend it using two pairs of pliers, one at one end, one at the other. If that doesn't work then put it on some concrete or brick or something, put the rulebook on it and jump on the rulebook repeatedly.

Also, about where this should be, the pics should probably be in showcase or maybe painting while the questions belong here in hobby. Don't worry about it though.
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Default Re: My first painted model

For a first time paintjob, it's incredible. That's far better then my first paintjob, hands down. It looks really clean and the red is thin and covers well (which can be hard to accomplish). You seem to have the basics down so now it's just a matter of progressing to layering and highlighting.

For the base, I use the same material, do a drybrush of bleached bone over it. It's a quick and easy way to highlight that material and gives it some more depth.
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Old 15 Sep 2007, 13:03   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: My first painted model

I began painting the base and just thought, damn thats awful, maybe I should use foundation paints or something? So instead I used it as a shabby job to hold the sand on ;D

Ive scrapped all that sand off and repainted the base black now so I can do something with it, I also thought I would wait for I apllied any 'ardcoat to see if you guys came up with any tips and you have

Ps. Thanks for that tip on the drone stick, its all good now
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Old 15 Sep 2007, 13:49   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: My first painted model

This should probably, on future note, go in either Painting or Showcase, just so you know .
Looks nice for our first model! Maybe you have the drone stick backwards? Mine always fitted, I've never had problems with them. The other comments are good advice; I'd say the same, but I don't want to be repetitive so I'll just say keep it up!

By the way - Hitman rocks
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Old 15 Sep 2007, 14:26   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: My first painted model

Haha Hitman 4eva!

I decided to put it on hobby based on the last part, and no, I don't have my drone stick backwards,* ;D it just needed the plastic shaved off a bit thats all

Thanks for the compliments BTW
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Old 16 Sep 2007, 05:54   #8 (permalink)
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Default Re: My first painted model

1 down... 9,999 more to go! ;D

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Old 16 Sep 2007, 08:26   #9 (permalink)
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Default Re: My first painted model

Hehe not quite, I have 12 fire warriors, a battlesuit, a devilfish and a broadside so far, battlesuit is now almost done and devilfish is proving to be quite a challenge

Has anyone got another solution to the rail gun problem? I have tried all except for the brick one :P
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Old 16 Sep 2007, 08:34   #10 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: My first painted model

Great first try. I would try just pushing onto the edge of a table to straighten it.
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