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Dwarf Warriors
Old 04 Sep 2007, 08:03   #1 (permalink)
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Default Dwarf Warriors

Just a quick post of a couple of my finished Dwarf Warriors. Only six right now, but I think they look quite good.

Unfortunately, right now my Dwarfs are on hold for, well, for the near future, since I`m trying to finally get my Tau Cadre painted...

Hope you like em, CC welcome. ;D
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Default Re: Dwarf Warriors

The painting on those models is really, really nice, well done. But imhfo, what makes those models stand out is the fantastic bases, great work.

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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Dwarf Warriors

Great job! They look awesome ( wished i'd painted them ;D )
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Default Re: Dwarf Warriors

I agree those bases look great
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Default Re: Dwarf Warriors

How did you do those bases? First-hand guessing, it looks a bit like the "flames" or "hair" I make for my models...plastered on green stuff, then a x-acto knife to carefully carve lines of varying lengths/widths to make it unique. VERY impressive! The snow appears to me like solid greenstuf painted white. Regardless of how you did it, it is VERY nicely done and kudos to you!

Excellent job,
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Default Re: Dwarf Warriors

Thanks for the replies!

I guess I have to do a Tutorial on how to make these bases; DakkaDakkaDude, you`re close, but it really is even more simple.

Stay tuned, as soon as I have my CP-Tau force painted, I`ll do a Tutorial...
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Default Re: Dwarf Warriors

Best snowbase ive ever seen
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Default Re: Dwarf Warriors

great work

love the bases ;D
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