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The Fists of Flame
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Default The Fists of Flame

Please excuse the blurry pics :'(. Couldn't get them any better unfortunatally. I'll probably be taking some more when I can.

"Tau Hunter" Assault Squad*

"Tau Hunter" Assault Squad Sergeant*




Dreadnought Side

Mars Aran 1*

Mars Aran 2*


Scout Sniper


Standard Bearer

Terminator Squad


Venerable Dreadnought*

Veteran Sergeant


Whirlwind Side

* This is a work in progress, and hence they are unfinished
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Default Re: The Fists of Flame

Wow looks good. Colors are a bit awkward though.
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Default Re: The Fists of Flame

I really enjoy the colour scheme, not the run of the mill, and I must say it's rather refreshing. A couple of things though, Perhpas it was due to the camara, but the paint looked a little thick. Also the flames look a tad seperated (as in the blending doesn't look too fluid.)

But on the whole, good job!
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Default Re: The Fists of Flame

Wow that looks terrible...wait let my eyes adjust..oh OK its just the pics ;D

Looks good from what I can see. The hand painting on the banner look amazing, but as previously stated, the paint looks a little thick. Now it may be the quality of the pics, but you need to be the judge of that. If you get better pictures up it would help us drastically. Also the white seems to lack "depth" maybe a blue ink in the recesses will help, then clean up the ink mess with a THIN layer of white. Thin enough to not leave a huge layer but thick enough to cover up the mess. not sure if that would be the right color though.

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Default Re: The Fists of Flame

I'm not to sure about the thickness of the paint thing, it may be a little thick come to think of it.

As for the flames, some are blended quite nicely, others aren't so. Although this is because:
1) I'm lazy lol.
2) In the fluff, the flames are supposed to be painted by the Marines themselves, and therefore natural artistic ability varies

(Btw you can chalk the flames really up to having to paint four sets of flames on each Marine (at least) and basically comes down to setting my goals at getting the entire army painted battlefield quality rather then attempted golden daemon quality odd mini and undercoated troops etc)

Oh and the camera is rather dodgy (being a camera phone doesn't help )
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Default Re: The Fists of Flame

HA! FT posted pictures! Finally! ... Now I demand pictures of the rest of the stuff you have! At least converted ones.

If seriously I'd like to see what else you've got, because this looks promising

Now on to work... I'd say very rough. may be its a camera. It looks good from distance. Faces aren't all that well.

While I agree that it is hard to paint whole army to high level. But I would suggest the following.

Paint only "Significant models". Like characters. I would suggest to repaint him. Or put helmet on him. I can't paint human faces, that why I don't start "human" army (that and horrible (Not "mine") fluff ^_^)...

So thats that. On general notes.

I do not really like "Tau hunters". Not because they hunt tau. But because helmets of tau and such things could be done lot better. More of a "net/sack/chains with heads/helmets on it. Also some equipment like pulse pistols could have been given to them as "loot".

My main advise -> "Revisit" Tau hunters, Mars Aran, Chaplain, Veterans and Stand bearer.
By revisit I mean, fix em up. They are "fine". But they bring "that flavor" to an army, and flavor must be done to a high standard.

Rest seems to be perfectly fine. Its not the best but it is lot better then many.

Over all, army - 7/10. Even though its not the best, but it is all done and he scale is impressive. If you fix "main units" army will look better IMO.
But no matter what, its an impressive job

P.S. And would it kill you to put "names" on vehicles? I mean there is a "ribbon" just for that. ^_^

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Default Re: The Fists of Flame

I was going to put names on the vehicles actually, especially on Invictus (Whirlwind) but I ran of black paint (I'm waiting until I start a Skaven army to buy some more paint) so watch this space.
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Default Re: The Fists of Flame

+++It is hard to judge because the pics are so bad but I like the dreads.+++
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Default Re: The Fists of Flame

Unique colour scheme FT. At least no-one can claim you stole it from them ;D I seriously like those termy bases, theres something awsome about them.

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Default Re: The Fists of Flame

I love your army FT, although the pictures maybe be out of focus etc or you just don't know how to put the camera right so you can get some really good pictures. But hey it's the thought that counts! I think the white and the flames on the space marines work well ;D I love the dread whom looks like he's about to topple the Spyder onto it's back

The Venerable Dreadnought is my favourite ;D

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