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Just a termagaunt.
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Default Just a termagaunt.

Anyways, this is a termagaunt from the WH40k starter set thingy, and I think the 5th or so model I've painted. Advice is welcome. And on a side note, I don't collect 'Nids. I don't like the dusty stuff (a failed effect I was trying) on the tail and leg, and the fact that some of the legs near the btoom are unpainted. The teeth I also think are too white, and the thing attaching the arm to the gun white doesn't look good with it. And the white painted on the ridgey things on the arms doen't look good with white. That's what I think, anywho.
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Default Re: Just a termagaunt.

quite good for a fifth model. you're fairly neat, which is great, and you're not going overboard with colours, which is also good

only thing i can really comment on is some of your lihter colours have been done over the basecoat or black, so they're not as clear as they could be. my recommendation is if you're gonna be painting over a dark colour with a light colour, lay down some grey first. then do your bright colour
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