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Blackout Squad [Pics]
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Default Blackout Squad [Pics]

I decided to employ a tactic i saw on here, dropping a small unit of FW with Pulse Carbines and EMP grenades to seek out and destroy enemy tanks hiding in dense city terrain. Here is the squad.

Squad Front:

Squad Back:note the EMP utility belt.

Shas'ui Front painting needs to be detailed a bit more and highlights added.

Shas'ui Back with bonding knife.

I rotated these images before i posted them, don't know what happened.

This squad is painted different to my army, they are Catachan green whereas my cadre is Codex grey. My elite units and special units adopt the Catachan green scheme and my troops, tanks, and XV8s are codex grey. They are darker, the adrenalin junkies so to speak. They assault Tanks without fear. Very effective against IG. The name Blackout comes from the use of EMP grenades, knocking out power. So if one of these guys takes a hit in the belt a whole city block will go without power! :P
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Default Re: Blackout Squad [Pics]

Cool there has been talk of this type of unit tactic on the ATT forums called EMP commandos
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Default Re: Blackout Squad [Pics]

They look great, I especially like the bases. I do have a couple of tips for you. If I were you, I would try to keep the lines (i.e. on the leg armor) black, it just makes it look much neater. Also, you might want to dab the eyes on the tau that dont have their helmets on. Lastly, you might want to try watering your paint down a little bit, it looks kind of thick to me.

Keep up the good work!

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Default Re: Blackout Squad [Pics]

Paint's a bit thick here and there, and the lines (as chrisness said) lack some definition, but otherwise, great work. ;D
As for the lines, my trick is to finish everything else, then use a fine detail brush and a 1:1:2 mix of Black Ink:Chaos Black:Water.

The bases seem a little 'flat'. (But this is of course coming from the guy who uses two layers of foamcore and a bit of card for his bases. 8))
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Default Re: Blackout Squad [Pics]

+++They`re good, the faces could do with more detail though, try inking them and adding eyes.+++
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Default Re: Blackout Squad [Pics]

i like the bases. where did you get mesh like that becuase i would really like some for some scenery bits i'm doing.
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Default Re: Blackout Squad [Pics]

I enjoy the 'theme' approach and the 'fluff' for the concept. As a specialized team needs a specialized look to boot!

As the paint goes, this is a good start, I would look to lighten the thickness of the paint down, then work on building up thin layers, this allows you more range of control of colors, rather than the one color for the face. I realize this is the Showcase, so I don't mean to offend.

However the more detail you can pull out, the more interesting the mini will look. As you have a good solid pattern now, there is nothing stopping you from adding a few more small details, and perhaps some Black areas could use some slight Shadow Grey to boost the edges of the equipment just a bit further.

This would add depth to the model visualy, try to use or find an 18/0 sized brush to try this with. And keep your paints thin! 1 drop of paint for 1 drop of water is a good mix.

The bases look good, are those edges sharp or is the mesh material somewhat flexible?

Just adding some CC..
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Default Re: Blackout Squad [Pics]

Originally Posted by <<Majonga>>
i like the bases. where did you get mesh like that becuase i would really like some for some scenery bits i'm doing.
The mesh is a screen door mesh, available at any hardware store. I glued it on and cut to fit, then dry brushed Boltgun Metal on.
Yeh my paints went a bit gumby on me. so i have to add a bit more water than usual.
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