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Vespid Stingwing
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Default Vespid Stingwing

I've been working on my Tau army off and on for the last year and was finally able to take some pictures. Here's my first Stingwing. I haven't decided what type of a base to go with, which is why it isn't done yet.

C+C definitely welcome!

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Default Re: Vespid Stingwing

[zombie mode]Must…eat…jeebus…BRAAAAAAAAAINS![/zombie]

Seriously, that's some awesome work there.
What technique did you use to get the 'patchy' effect?

And out of interest:
Are Mechrite Red & Graveyard Earth/Dheneb Stone used as base colours?
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Default Re: Vespid Stingwing

holy crap!
I nearly spewed out my lunch that I was eating! :
thats goooooooooooooooooooooooooood painting ;D

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Default Re: Vespid Stingwing

Thanks for the kind words!

About the paints - Well, I'm not a big fan of the GW paints, so I've been using cheap craft store paints. I've been working on upgrading to quality paints, but end up spending my money on mini's rather than paints.

I used to have a list that showed which GW paint matched the cheapo's, but I can't seem to find it anymore. I'll keep looking though.

Technique - This'll be another funny answer, this was my test model for my Vespids. I wanted to experiment with some new ways of painting and see what happened. I can't really remember the exact steps I took, but it started with a dark red base coat. From there I gradually mixed in a normal color red while thinning the paint with a lot of water and added some more coats.

I added some orange to the red mix and dry-brushed several layers, gradually adding more orange to lighten up the red, and finally added in some yellow.

This left the model looking orangy, and not very vivid, so I did a black wash. Then I added the highlights to the edges with a brighter yellow, and finished it off with a dark red glaze.

At least I think that's how I did it, its been a few months since I finished it up, and have been working on my other Vespids, but the antennae have broken off of some of my heads and I haven't ordered any new ones yet.

Honestly though, for a test model I got really lucky with trying out some new stuff. I just hope I can replicate it properly on the rest of the squad.
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Default Re: Vespid Stingwing

That looks very good there, nicely painted, with some good shading and highlighting.
I never likes the vespids because of the snorkels on their face, but I can appreciate a well painted one.

Good job.

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Default Re: Vespid Stingwing

Darn. I was just about to post up a squad of red vespid's. It looks like you have beat me to it. Awesome paint job.

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Default Re: Vespid Stingwing

Yes, very nice indeed I've been wanting vespid since they came out
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Default Re: Vespid Stingwing

A very good paintjob.
I especially enjoyed the armour
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Default Re: Vespid Stingwing

That looks great. Very intersting style, I like it. I also use cheapo paints. ;D
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Default Re: Vespid Stingwing

Realy nice paintjob. The skin is very realistic

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