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Some battle pics.
Old 19 Jun 2007, 19:40   #1 (permalink)
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Default Some battle pics.

I love Divine guidance

Unpainted miniatures always loose!

Plasma is nice!

Drop trooping sentinels. That was a looooong fight.

Atleast my Canoness in the front finished of the Avatar before the scorpions killed everything.

Girl fight. I lost that one.

Defend the objective.
Order of the Purple Angel!!
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Default Re: Some battle pics.

Cool pic's. Would like some commentary on what and how some stuff happend. But still, your models look well painted, and that was semi entertaining. Nice job
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Default Re: Some battle pics.

Nice lookin Space Chicks ya got there

Love seein the battle shots!

-Rosetta Stoned
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Default Re: Some battle pics.

Half painted armies being played make me sad.
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Default Re: Some battle pics.

Nice battle pics mate!

No paint, +2 to Save
Painted terribly, +1 to Save
No Arms, no attacks
No head, shoots scatter dice direction.

Fire and Fortune go with you.

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