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New Fish (WIP Still...)
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Default New Fish (WIP Still...)

***Walks to the tree***

Heya dudes (and possible ladies ;D )

I am working on a big project. So hear is the part of it. Its a fish (Its not done yet) that has no modifications yet (except decoy launchers) so that I will modify it later according to my project to show it can be done ;D

The things to do for it:

Custom stuff (Its all comming up in a main project, no its ain't soon case Exams comming up. You might think I was lazy before... ;D )

Lights and light effects.

Model upgrades => Fletchers (yes I have an Idea, I'll do it soon) and Multitraker (yeah its just need painting and I'm putting it on the hull)

All battle damage is done by now. It has scrapes, grease on engine and ventelation holes and few slug impact traces on hull and engines. I'll may be add one from Auto cannon/Kannon. But I think I won't...

Thats all that will be done to it... Ok hear it is. It has a custom base, and it can be taken of and put on regular skimmer base.

Custom base. Its a ruined wall and it has green edges because it is a forest peace not an urban peace. (P.S. Looks ALOT less shiny then it does on pictures)

Fish on the custom base


Ok some C&C are welcome!

P.S. For the project and all that, I have lot done on paper, 3 new FW, Old Crisis (it was in elite competition so you probably saw it), Shas'El Under constraction, and one kroot... I will try to finish main things for project and finish all the stuff. It will be posted at TAU boards. Again, plz just telling so you wouldn't ask. I am lazy and have Zero concentration, and it will take all I got to pass my exams. So All works are being slow down even more... Yeah... ;D

Walk Tall

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Default Re: New Fish (WIP Still...)

Looks pretty good. Colours are a lil bright for my liking, but that's me. What I'd do is go back and do a lil more black lining work between the panels. I find it REALLY makes a difference when you get that done really well
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