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An Urgent Message from the Competition Committee
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Default An Urgent Message from the Competition Committee

[size=12pt]Members of Tau Online, its that magical time of month again![/size]

Think you got what it takes to compete in the Tau Online Competitions? That’s right, three brand new competitions to stir your creativity and win you fantastic prizes!

This month, we have three competitions, which means three separate opportunities to show off your skills and win some prizes!

Firstly, we have the Diorama Competition! Have a cool battle-scene? How about a multi-model sequence of imposing characters, artfully arranged on a scenic base? Snap some pictures and PM them to any member of your very own TO Competition Committee. 42 will be compiling all entries, so if possible, send it right to him. Rules can be found here:

What’s next? Why the Art Competition! That’s right, TO is like any high-class art gallery, we hold our show in the springtime! So, what kind of artwork can you enter to win great prizes and bonuses? Any art relating to Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000, LotR, Necromunda, or other specialist games is acceptable! As with the Diorama Competition, send a PM with your entry to 42, or any available Committee Member. Make sure to read the rules, found here: http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=45024.0

And lastly, the Troop Painting Competition! What’s better than to show off your skills on the basic foot troops of the 40k universe, or, any unit that is designated ‘Troops’ by the Force Organization Chart. Kroot, Firewarriors, Tactical Squads, Guardians, Gaunts, you name a Troop unit, and you can enter it. What’s the best part? Why, you can convert them! That’s right, conversions are allowed, so whip out the bitz box and get working, or just snap some photos of your showcase-quality squads you’ve already painted! But remember to thoroughly read the rules before you start, which are right here:

Remember, proud painters, the deadline for entering your work is May 21st! So make haste, and show of your skills and win fantastic prizes. Who knows? What you think is a shoddy model could very well win first place!


-Stankov and the Competition Committee
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Default Re: An Urgent Message from the Competition Committee

Looks like some good ones this month.

I will most likely being entering in the troops competition at the least. I might be able to swing a diorama but I'd have to start planning ASAP.

With certain armies troops options can change depending on the leader. I'll use Dark Angels as an example since this may come up, Deathwing and Ravenwing will be allowed if they run said army, right?

EDIT: Just checked the rules and the answer to my question is no. Kinda sucks for some people.
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Default Re: An Urgent Message from the Competition Committee

I'm in the Artwork and Troops competitions :P
My gallery on deviantArt
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