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tyrannid slayer,with power axe
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Kroot Shaper
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Default tyrannid slayer,with power axe

this is a marine i did.not a bad quality pic this time tho
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Default Re: tyrannid slayer,with power axe

Looks ok, needs some highlights though... it's kinda flat.

Also, start improving your Grammar and Spelling.
Originally Posted by Komrad
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Default Re: tyrannid slayer,with power axe

That pics a bit fuzzy, but here's from what I can see:

Little flat, try some highlights/shading.

Try to go for a less static pose; a space marine 'nid killer shouldn't look like he's a statue.

I really need less blurry pics.
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Default Re: tyrannid slayer,with power axe

I haven't seen you on here before so may I say, welcome to the forums!

What the others say about grammar and spelling is true enough, as a forum we try to steer away from bad internet grammar but I'm sure you'll pick that up!

As for your photo, from what I can tell I like it! Very solid painting style, the lines are matched up nicely and from what I can tell, no spillages or anything which is a very good base to work with.

As has already been mentioned, I believe it's time for you to try some more advanced techniques For example, I recommend highlighting the edges of the armour with thin layers of snot green or goblin green as it will help give the model a more realistic, 3D appearance.

This can be further accomplished by shading. I don't how experienced you are with painting but assuming you're relatively new I recommend that you should use some inks. Using watered down chestbut ink on the bronze gold chest plates (and when that's dry, further highlight with shining/burnished gold) and use some watered down black ink on the backpack there to give it some definition.

As for taking photographs, have you checked to see if your camera has a macro mode? If it has, you'll be able to take clearer pictures. Anyway, try out those techniques and then post some more pics of your stuff!


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