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"Adeptus Arbites" (WH Stormtroopers)
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Default Re: "Adeptus Arbites" (WH Stormtroopers)

All in all they're fantastic. Maybe it was how the light caught them in the pictures, but the blending looks magnificient.

I find the shotguns a bit bland myself, if you can understand that. They just seem like such a large blank space. I don't know if there's anything you could do about that, but really, it's the only thing I believe is at all displeasing to the eye.

Again, amazing work.

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Default Re: "Adeptus Arbites" (WH Stormtroopers)

Finished two more. Four left of the squad ^^
Need to finish my home exam first though... :
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Default Re: "Adeptus Arbites" (WH Stormtroopers)

Too bad the scared dude doesn't have a plasma gun
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Default Re: "Adeptus Arbites" (WH Stormtroopers)

that would explain his expression "crap, plasma core overload... selfdestruction in 1"

Originally Posted by jais
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Default Re: "Adeptus Arbites" (WH Stormtroopers)

I like the fact that all of these models have an individual expression to them. They are very nice models.

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