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Marco Columbo
Old 12 Apr 2007, 16:46   #1 (permalink)
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Default Marco Columbo




Marco Columbo..freshly released from his slavery at GW metro centre ( no i didnt steal it)

Marco Columbo I bought on a whim at my local Games Workshop (metro centre) he ended up gaining a 3 month spot in the front cabinet of the the local, with their new Empire Army:P

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Default Re: Marco Columbo

Very nice work! Pics are little small, and image is a bit dark for me, it would be great to see some of the finer details, such as his Tabard and bloom pants..

But from here it looks great!

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Default Re: Marco Columbo

I've always loved the models of the Empire. This one if awesome, but from what I can see the white looks a little plain.
Good work ;D
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Default Re: Marco Columbo

took 4 coats of white to cover it :P, i prefer the starchy bright whites for Empire models, very little shading where there isnt folds etc.
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Default Re: Marco Columbo

oh very nice work there. hope to see more in future.
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