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Some Tau! (updated 3/31/07, see page 2)
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Default Some Tau! (updated 3/31/07, see page 2)

Hey all, first post here, though I've been lurking a while now.

Anyway, feeling rather shameless, so here are some of my Tau. They were originally on a schedule to be ready for Adepticon....bbbuuuut, I can no longer attend, so progress has slowed of late. In any case, here are the ones that have been finished:

Hammerhead! Who's engines still need some painting.

An earth caste fabricator, original sculpted to act as an objective marker as per Adepticon rules. Now he serves as an ethereal when I get bored of my normal one.

The aforementioned ethereal. Sculpted almost entirely from scratch, cause I haaaate the GW sculpts.

pardon the bumpy paint.

another objective-marker-turned-counts-as-ethereal, an old Shas'O retired from active line duty, now serving on a war council

My only crisis suit, a Monat Sunforge Shas'vre. Suicide Suit The mold lines have since been cleaned off and the feet finished.

Group shot! Some firewarriors and an ethereal chillin

close up on some of those firewarriors. Sept Markings have since been added

rough paint concept on what was going to be our team's T-shirt... oh well, next year.

aaaand last but not least, a concept for my honour guard, GSed up old model from a few years ago. Sorry for the shoddy paint and scheme.

Cheers all, thanks for looking, hope you like.
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Default Re: Some Tau!

Those look great!

Like you said, the engines on the Hammerhead need painting. Also, the paint on the Ethereals needs thinning down, as well as the white on your Shas'Vre.

Absolutely terrific Hammerhead and Firewarriors, though! Cool Honour Guard design, as well.
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Default Re: Some Tau!

You are my new idol *worships*
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Originally Posted by Lonely Tau
Originally Posted by Avor
I would like the bare legs a bit better if they weren't belonging to a old woman with Grey Hair.

Kinda wrong.
I agree with that, at least try to make her look hot and young!

Anyways, dont give toasty any ideas, he already loves his Sisters too much....
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Default Re: Some Tau!


painting is a bit thick, but the effect is awesome!!

I really like the highlights and you scratc-sculpt minis are really well done!

keep up the good work!
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Default Re: Some Tau!

Welcome to tau online weaver. Your tau looks very good. I especially like the crisis suit. The pose is very dynamic. I wish I could draw half as good as you can. That concept art is awesome. Keep up the good work.

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Default Re: Some Tau!

***See the man comes with some box full of models, Stops by to see what he got***

Welcome! I'm new so don't really know can I welcome you or not ;D . I'm a Tau beginner myself.

Sry but I do not like the theme, BUT it is Superbly done. Nice paint job everywhere.

Now for the individual things

Hammerhead is done nicely, but not much special things. ...
Markers... !!! REAL COOL with 0% of sarcasm. Just brilliant.

Ethereal... Its actually real cool and has some spark. I like a pose. It is totally original!!! Beside some splats its just perfect. Ohhh make a base. Since its a desert theme, may be u can make a desert base

Suit... -> fix feet, other then that NICE pose. Also Its kinda weird for it to have Sun forge on Shas'el, but hey if it is a part of the tactic then whatever works

FW, hmm again, I do not really like the theme BUT work is really good done. Posing is to general for me, but again Nicely done...

Picture is pretty cool

Honor guard... UNBELIVEABLE!!! BEST I've ever seen... Actually Its the only one I've seen))))) But in anyway, Its flattering!!!! Just completely and utterly cool. Just base it right and make 9-12 more ;D for the full guard. I mean concept is amazing!

Well Nice work Try a "Introduce yourself" or "Enclave" boards, to meet the people, Just watch out for elfy, he is after your cookies!!! :shifty:

Walk Tall everyone!!!!!

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Default Re: Some Tau!

I like that ethereal, if I'm not mistaken it looks like the same one from the codex and battleforce cover. I wish GW made one, he looks awesome.

Anyway, I like your scheme, same as mine...lol. Plain, vomit brown T'au sept. I'm having the same problems as you are it seems, with the thick/bumpy paintjob ...I know how to fix it now, but I've yet to get some simple green (they just don't sell it here, I don't know why). What color did you use for the armor highlights? I mixed up a vomit brown/bleached bone mix and started using that on my fire warriors, but I was thinking of just using bronzed flesh instead.

Your hammerhead looks awesome, too. I always liked the look of the antennae stuck to the hull like that...I just glued mine on the rear near the engine. It's gonna look goofy when it's painted.

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Default Re: Some Tau!

I remember you from KoVash TauVa. Heh, I love your work (especially that Ethereal sculpt)
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Default Re: Some Tau!

There's not one model there that doesn't look completely awesome. You're amazing.
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Default Re: Some Tau!


that is freaking awsome!

welcome to TO! a few words of advice though, If you say you don't like Redbeard, Scizor, or Komrad's work, you WILL be hunted down and shot! poor old Aun'shi13... Also, don't hijak a thread when Walwort the Engenier is on patrol, he will post about eight times screamin at you!
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