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Some banner-material...
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Default Some banner-material...

So, here we go...

For my next army (IG) i decided to have large quantities of banners, the thing is, I'm worthless on working with photoshop or the like, so i wasn't capable of making banners. But then i got an idea. I had been playing the old PC game Outwars for some time, and i remembered that the multiplayer part had some really nice looking badges that you could personalize your team with. I copied them all and edited them so that you could just copy and paste upon your banner, simple as it sounds. I took one badge of my choice and made my banner.

Now with my work done, i could upload them on the forum so other people could use the badges if they wish. So here goes...

Nine badges that you can use if you wish. They have some jagged edges, but it mostly dissapears when you add it to the banner.

Well, i now i can also show off my banner, to use as an example on how you can use these badges...

Just some rough work on MS paint, I'm going to touch it up soon.

C&C appreciated.

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Default Re: Some banner-material...

those are pretty cool, mate.
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