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Tzeentch Titan
Old 01 Feb 2007, 08:54   #1 (permalink)
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Default Tzeentch Titan

In late August I was able to acquire a Chaos Forge world Warhound titan off e-bay for extremely cheap (225 USD / 115 GBP).

It was a complete and utter horror. The person who had owned it originally had based it with black, then sprayed it red, then painted parts black, then added more red and gold paint to it. I was so horrified I forgot to actually take pictures of the model for before and after shots. I decided to strip the model and start over from scratch. Unfortunately some of the paints were oil, some were enamel, and some were made from pure warp matter itself.

I set to the titan with Oops, goo gone, brake fluid, water, rubbing alchol, wire brushes, dental tools, metal files, exacto knives, and anything else I could think of to help me strip it. There were times when I honestly almost regretted getting the titan, but I persevered.

I had to break the titan apart so as to properly clean it. This entire process started early september when I recieved the titan until early december when I finally got the last of the paint off.

I finally finished the titan Sunday January 28th and have added it to my forces. After 5 months of work the titan is done.

Tzeentchian Lost and the Damned Army.

Top View


Scale comparison:



Vulcan-Mega Bolter

Plasma Blastgun



Crew compartment:

The writing says Azi Dahaka which is the name of my Army's Chaos Lord.

Right Leg:

Left Leg:
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Old 01 Feb 2007, 09:22   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: Tzeentch Titan

paintjob don't look clean. though what you told of the horrible paintjob that was before, this is very good. and your a very lucky guy to own a titan!
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Old 01 Feb 2007, 09:35   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: Tzeentch Titan

It looks better under normal light, the flash from the camera makes it look worse than it really is, and a lot of the unclean spots aren't visible except under extremely bright light.

Although I do admit I'm not the best painter. I might be having a friend who is a much better painter touch up the paint job some, but for now I am happy having done this myself.
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Old 01 Feb 2007, 09:53   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: Tzeentch Titan

well, just touch it up once you improove your skill. but this is still TT quality or better. and it is a awesome model!
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Old 01 Feb 2007, 15:54   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: Tzeentch Titan

Incredible persiverance in getting it paintable, and it looks pretty good for such a beat up model. Great painting but all you need is a little touch ups every which are always present on larger models. The cocpit of the model looks very well painted.

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Old 01 Feb 2007, 17:35   #6 (permalink)
General Stupidity
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Default Re: Tzeentch Titan

The model itself is fantastic, but I feel that the paintjob lets it down a little.
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Default Re: Tzeentch Titan

Thats good old family fun right there.
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Default Re: Tzeentch Titan

you have more patience than i do by the sound of it. i'm impresed that you put so much work into it
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Default Re: Tzeentch Titan

I like it. It sounds like it was a struggle to clean and paint it so my hat goes off to you.
Try taking some photos with the flash turned off.
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Default Re: Tzeentch Titan

Congrats on making the best of a bad situation. Even if you just dumped a bucket of pink house paint over it most people would be happy just to see a dang titan on the table
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