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Shadowsun Conversion + More
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Old 16 Jan 2007, 21:16   #1 (permalink)
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Default Shadowsun Conversion + More

Thought I'd show some of my guys. For now I only have pictures of my Shas'O because my camera is busted. I'm not a great painter so whatever. There are a few little finishing touches needed but for the most part its done.

The conversion is pretty easy and if anyone's interested I post what I did.

Thanks for looking. I'm probably going to post my Crisis 'el as soon as my camera works again. After that maybe three converted Crisis Suits.
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Old 16 Jan 2007, 21:25   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: Shadowsun Conversion + More

looks very nice!
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Old 16 Jan 2007, 21:25   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: Shadowsun Conversion + More

Not bad! My main nit-pick is that the undercoat isn't very fine, and I can see through it (and at the plastic of the model) at some places.

...how did you convert it?
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Default Re: Shadowsun Conversion + More

Excellent. Post, and you will be stickied.
Originally Posted by Komrad
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Default Re: Shadowsun Conversion + More

nice look. lets see the crisis suits
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Old 16 Jan 2007, 23:15   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: Shadowsun Conversion + More

Hey Guys,

Just here to post a few pics of my 'El. He wasn't as challenging to paint as the 'O mainly because of his size. I can't help but feel he is a bit bland, but that might just be the lack of light.

I'll post up some info on how I made the 'O when I get some time tonight.

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Old 17 Jan 2007, 01:18   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: Shadowsun Conversion + More

Great conversion on Shadowsun. The weapons fit nicely with shadowsn's arms. Great 'el too. The painting isn't all that bad either. Great job on both.

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Old 17 Jan 2007, 04:08   #8 (permalink)
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Default Re: Shadowsun Conversion + More


So the 'O can basically be made using the Shadowsun Box, a few aerials from some drones and crisis weapons.

The first step is to reposition the legs. I first separated the legs from the ready made base (the chaos looking thing shes hopping on). Next I bent the back leg and cut and repositioned the landed leg to give the model an action oriented pose. (Further leg changes would have been done if I was any good at using greenstuff. You could cut the model below the knees and greenstuff the gap.)

The Plasma Rifle was a simple little conversion consisting of me snipping Fusion Blasters muzzle and replacing it with a Rifles. I then chopped the rest of the Rifle into thin pieces and added the vents and the handle. The Cyclic Ion Blaster's arm was done by me cutting off the Fusion Blaster, removing the end bit from the CIB and attaching it to the arm. (Contrary to what some people have said Shadowsuns arms without their Blasters look fine.) If you want to avoid all the cutting the new Stealth Suit arms work fine, however they don't seem to flow as well with the rest of the model unless more armor plating is added.

The head was simply reposition by putting some circular objects in the 'dip' of the armor, and placing the helmet on it. Some sanding is needed though. This was done because normally the helmet only moves so far on the model.

Lastly the jet pack was made with Shadowsuns normal one, some drone aerials, a devilfish sensor spine, and her own command drone. File down the backpack. Chop of the long extending piece of the drones underbody file one side of it and attach it to Shadowsun's backpack. Next cut the sensor spines a bit and glue them on top of the pack. Lastly add some drone aerials to the pieces jutting out from the original backpack.

And that's that. Its a very simple conversion but looks great and different on the battlefield.

P.S. - I wish I could get some pictures up to explain it a bit better, but it seems component listings of Shadowsun are no where to be found...when did GW stop listing their bits?
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Old 17 Jan 2007, 04:38   #9 (permalink)
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Default Re: Shadowsun Conversion + More

The conversion is nice but the paint job could do with a little more improvement. Overall, a good job.

Can we get better pictures of your Crisis Battlesuit?
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Old 17 Jan 2007, 21:12   #10 (permalink)
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Default Re: Shadowsun Conversion + More

I like the Conversion, although the Paintjob could be improved, and the bases need painting!
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