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Dire Avenger!
Closed Thread
Old 12 Jan 2007, 14:42   #1 (permalink)
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Default Dire Avenger!

first of, those models are very nice!, like the other stuff in the new eldar range.

my sheme?, well. i didn't really like the white heads of the DA's so i made it my craftworld colour. and to match this sheme i did also chose other hair colours. the weapon is bone just like my other weapons.

i will paint most aspects(like my scorpions) in their right shemes. but, as i didn't with those. it might represent the fact that DA's is my main troops. but well, anyway. i painted them as i found cool.

they are not as well-done as my Scorpions either...but i like them and are in fact, more numerous

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Default Re: Dire Avenger!

Great as always Scizor I really like the snow on the base wonderful gem work good smooth highlighting and over all painting.

How did you do the plume on the helmet?
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Old 12 Jan 2007, 14:58   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: Dire Avenger!

the hair stuff?

simple. i first painted it black. highlighted the (to be) black areas codex grey. then i made whide stripes of red gore(the redish areas). then i layered blood red, leaving one edge red gore. then, i did the same with blazing orange but left a stripe blood red visible. finaly, a thin yellow line at the edge of the orange!
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Old 12 Jan 2007, 23:25   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: Dire Avenger!

Great by far one of your best models. The hair and lightning is great.
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Default Re: Dire Avenger!

It looks very good.
But I'd love to see a model from you, with a lighter highlighting.
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Old 13 Jan 2007, 05:08   #6 (permalink)
lonely tau
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Default Re: Dire Avenger!

That is one awesome dude, truly brilliant (as always)! I love your eldar...
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Default Re: Dire Avenger!

Thats pretty damn cool, now paint an army of them!
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Old 13 Jan 2007, 09:14   #8 (permalink)
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Default Re: Dire Avenger!

i am on my way painting some more of those dire avengers . and thanks for the comments
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Old 13 Jan 2007, 10:53   #9 (permalink)
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Default Re: Dire Avenger!

As with all of your models the painting looks ever so slightly clumsy when you look really close, but I think that's probably intentional isn't it? Everything is exaggerated, especially the highlights (which really are extreme) and there are no smooth transitions from one colour to another (except the gems and plume). I expect that makes them look absolutely spectacular on the tabletop. Eldar are supposed to be dynamic and I think you've nailed it with this technique. Outstanding work, you should be really proud of this; not only have you painted this model to a great standard, but you've done it in your own unique style!

P.S. - The base is awesome too.
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Old 13 Jan 2007, 12:37   #10 (permalink)
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Default Re: Dire Avenger!

Very pretty, and it has a sorta cartoon-like painting style.
...but the gemstones on the Catapult, shoulders and elbow make it look like he's lighted from spotlights all around him, the "shininess" comes from different directions if you get what i mean.
The german flag in the hair makes up for that, though.
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