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10 Pics of my Eldar.
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Old 15 Dec 2006, 09:47   #11 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: 10 Pics of my Eldar.

Truly a nice eldar force, one of the best i ever seen. The freehand is nicely laid - i know how hard it is

The only thing is that your paint seem thick and a bit bumpy at times - but it just might be the varnish reflecting the light. Overall i think your tanks look better than the troops as the shine doesn't bother me as on them, I'd matte coat them so the highlights pop a bit more and evens out the blends.

How did you do the slate on the bases and which colors? - i just love them....
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Default Re: 10 Pics of my Eldar.

Many thanks all for the kind comments!

Some answers below:

cyberzomby>Many thanks, the Highlight lines were hand painted with Scorpion Green, thinned down with Liquidtex thinner. Its designed to work with Acrylics, One drop of paint, and one drop of Liquidtex smooths out the paint so well, that you can control it. The same technique was used on the vines. I used a 18/0 Detail brush to make the lines as thin as all possible. I did this free hand.

Vet.Eter> Heh, man heck I blame you for this! Your work is JUST as awsome! You keep up the good work too! 7 hours to do those lines, but man, I saw your Wave serpent, and it ROCKS! ;D

JD>Many thanks for the critical eye (I do encourage that), Yeah the transfers were not all that good, I think I will no longer use the transfers and find a different method for markings. Perhaps make some dry erase types. The wave serpent is going to be cleaned up, Its still in production. The plastic is a bit distorted, so I will clean that up on my final pass, to sharpen those edges a bit.

Kjugen> Good Eye, The Primer paint IS bumpy, this is because I didn't believe GW about the proper use of the proper primer, for their models. So the Falcons were my first models, and they melted. Thus the bumps. I also started to use water to thin out my paints. This was a huge disaster, I switched to an Acrylic Thinner, and used an airbrush to fix the problems of the Falcons. I will probably sell the Falcons and replace them with the new and improved methods to get a smoother look to the paint.

I have found that water, even with a bit of soap still is not enough and GW paints do much better with an actual paint extender.

I now use Liquitex Extender to thin out my paints, and the lines appear much smoother, and are crisp. I did all the lines free handed, it is a long process, but a new nice long thin brush, and some thinned out paint, it worked very well.

I practiced a few designs on some white paper to get the look with the swirly's coming from the vine. They evolved after a few botched thorns didn't work out.. It was an improvised fix.

As far as the reflective coat, I use Testor Dull cote to protect the paint, and the Matte is used on the Falcons. The high reflection is coming from 120 Watt Halogen light, its hard for me to reduce the light intensity. I really need to build a light box, and a nice background to shoot my minis in.

The slate is not slate, its 1/4 thick cork, broken appart in thumb sized chunks, and glued in with some Instant glue. The base is then painted primer white. I did a quick Scorpion brown let it dry,then more Scorpion Brown w/some Bone, and ever so slightly drybrushed with skull white.

The real rock look comes when the base is coated lightly with Testors Dull cote, the white seems to bleed and melt a bit, giving more rock like edges. I then place grass on the base with more Instant glue.

Thanks again all!

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General Stupidity
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Default Re: 10 Pics of my Eldar.

Very cool...
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Default Re: 10 Pics of my Eldar.

Originally Posted by LordBlacksteel
Im not going for no damn Golden Demon
You should try ;D those are GREAT! Love the paint scheme....must've been a pain to paint those tanks like that...
Fire Prism, of course, is amazing. I agree with most of what has been said here, and I'm looking forward to more models!

P.S. Bullwinkle...hehehe hilarious - never thought of Farseers like that...but they do look like that have antlers
I laugh at the fools who thought Tau Online Chat Op is hard work! :shifty:
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Old 16 Dec 2006, 03:43   #15 (permalink)
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Default Re: 10 Pics of my Eldar.

Great models!

10/10 ;D
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Old 19 Dec 2006, 03:08   #16 (permalink)
lonely tau
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Default Re: 10 Pics of my Eldar.

Those tanks are beatufil...I love the green, how did you do it oh great one?
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Location: Newark, Delaware
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Default Re: 10 Pics of my Eldar.

Many thanks all, for the kind posts! ;D

The Falcons, Wave serpent, and the Fire Prism, were all primed white, then I painted it with an air brush. You can get a cheap airbrush for $30.00 or less.

When your dealing with a $40.00 (US) model it deserves the attention of the proper equipment. I used 5 drops of paint, and mixed it with Poly-scale Airbrush medium. This keeps the mixed paint usable for several weeks, so you don't waste money on paint. I used 2 bottles of Citadel Paints (Snot green, and Dark Angels green) and I painted 5 models with it, 2 Falcons, 2 Wave Serpents, 1 Fire Prism. and still had paint left over for more models.

This thins the paint out, and give it a nice smooth layer. I started with Snot green, and got the whole thing to be snot green in color, then did a 2nd pass with Dark Angels green and painted the plates only, It took me about 10 minutes to do this.

My secret is to not build the model, but to remove the mold lines first, then spray the pieces Primer (Skull white Primer). Building each model in stages, and using the air brush gives each model a diffrent appearance, and allows me to tinker with my settings.

I guess I will make a tutorial for the step-by-step process on building my next falcon.

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