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Chaos rhino
Closed Thread
Old 02 Nov 2006, 10:54   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Chaos rhino


Here we have an oldschool rhino - in the past they were very small and ugly. One thing that really bugs me with armour in 40K is that they use the same hull for transports and main battle tanks alike - this goes for almost all armies.

In the real world you cannot do this as the protection and structure integrity of a troop transport is no way near of what is needed for a main battle tank - hence you need something bigger and badder - something for GW to think about when they force us to paint basically the same tank over and over again.

This one is pretty rusty - it's supposed to be very old, chaos only bothers to add more skulls to it - not taking it to the local carwash.

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Old 02 Nov 2006, 12:43   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: Chaos rhino

Very nice Rhino there, Kjugen. The blue has some very nice rust, and scratch effects on it, and the actual metal areas appear to almost be disease-carrying, like they could give someone the plague if they stood near them too long. :P Some nice colour on the skulls too.

Definitely suited for the role of a "Chaos" Rhino.
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Default Re: Chaos rhino

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General Stupidity
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Default Re: Chaos rhino


That is one of the best Chaos Rhinos I have ever seen!

Well done.
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Default Re: Chaos rhino

Originally Posted by Anton

That is one of the best Chaos Rhinos I have ever seen!

Well done.
I have to agree 'eavy Metal worthy work there great work on the aged and corrosion on the metal
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:P Captain Obvious strikes again!
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Old 03 Nov 2006, 00:05   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: Chaos rhino

That's pretty amazing. I love the placement of the bolters. Are those from chaos bikes?
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Old 03 Nov 2006, 07:33   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: Chaos rhino

Thats really nice!

How did you paint the rust? ???
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Default Re: Chaos rhino

sweet... It looks very 'Eavy Metal-esque
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Old 03 Nov 2006, 09:49   #9 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Chaos rhino

Thanks for you nice input - but i think it's a ugly model.

The rust was easy to do;
1. Dab the area with dark brown
2. Inside the first dab do it again with orange
3. If it came out to strong apply a brown wash untill you think it looks nice

The hardest part of rust is actually to place it so it looks good - try to imagine where water runs when the tank is wet and where it may get beaten up and left to rust. Unfortunatly i feel that my logic on this part was kinda flawed.

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Default Re: Chaos rhino

Awsome. I think it looks great.
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