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Spittra the ancient (Lizardmen hero)
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Default Spittra the ancient (Lizardmen hero)

Spittra the ancient is a Oldblood leading the mysterious Saurus breed called Dilopho-Saurus. these are similar to the original Saurus but with the difference of their crests. they have a split-crest on their heads rather than the normal neck-covering crest. aswell they have slightly longer necks. their drool are toxic. quite bad tempered and often blessed by Sotek,the Dilopho saurus are Vicious fighters.Spittra leads them into battle without fear, often riding her Carnotaur. she also have, as difference from the other saurus, a sharply coloured neck-fin that symbolizes high status.

so,this is my Oldblood for my jurassic park/dinosaur themed army.(though u use her as Scar-veteran until i get 2000pts of course). and yes, you heard right, it's a She. much based on dinosaurs often have a leading female. my Saurus are based on Dilophosaurus from jurassic park.and my leaders have those neck-fins to get more colour and look special. Sotek is good to represent the "spit" attack as it gets +1 attack when charging. or else their vicious nature. so my choice of red matching colours represent it well too.


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Default Re: Spittra the ancient (Lizardmen hero)

Looking good mate , although I personally don't think it looks as good as your nids but hey, High standards

keep it up!

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Default Re: Spittra the ancient (Lizardmen hero)

Whoah... how'd you get the frills?! It's not as good as your Tyranids, but it's a superb conversion nonetheless.

I like the dilophasaurian idea, too.
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Old 29 Oct 2006, 14:39   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: Spittra the ancient (Lizardmen hero)

Not as in the same quality as the other, but hey. If im correct you got snack and beer when painting that, AND me on the same time aye. AND kevin AND gordon to keep up wid, id say dats proppa alraight!
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Default Re: Spittra the ancient (Lizardmen hero)

I have to agree and say It looks good, but your 'Nids were Ace!
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Default Re: Spittra the ancient (Lizardmen hero)

Very interesting how did you make this conversion
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Default Re: Spittra the ancient (Lizardmen hero)

I really like this!
Great work Scizor
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lonely tau
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Default Re: Spittra the ancient (Lizardmen hero)

I love it man, as with almost all of your models, I love it!
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Default Re: Spittra the ancient (Lizardmen hero)

I like the eyebrow tings. Nice work but not up to your usual standard.
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Default Re: Spittra the ancient (Lizardmen hero)

Nice model. You are a very good painter!

Well done!
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