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Rodent's army so far (Pic heavy)
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Default Re: Rodent's army so far (Pic heavy)

Originally Posted by Lonely Tau
hey dude, here is a tip for ya' slap yourself in the face for making the same mistake I made, and then use some inks ( I prefer Chestnut ink) and add it on the models (after the second coat) it will turn out much better ^_^
Good Idea. A chestnut inkwash and another coat of vomit brown, would make them so much better, Good idea Lonely tau
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lonely tau
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Default Re: Rodent's army so far (Pic heavy)

Of course it is a good idea, we all learn from the follies of myself!
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Default Re: Rodent's army so far (Pic heavy)

I'm sorry to tell you this, but that is one of the worst paintjobs I have ever seen!

Firstly, you absolutely must go back and do another coat (or two) of vomit brown, because currently the undercoat is quite obvious.

Secondly, get some ink that is darker than vomit brown (such as vermin brown or scorched brown) and wash the models in the cracks, to leave it much more realistic.

Thirdly, HIGHLIGHT. It adds depth and makes them so much more realistic.

Fourthly, you should go over the base a couple more times with the same paint as you have already used (is it goblin green? :-\), then apply some sand, paint it scorched brown then drybrush it with bleached bone, then add some little spots of static grass or green flock. (this basing process takes ages, so for the lazy way out, just glue in flock.

By doing this, you should have a reasonably good, tabletop army, cos quite frankly, it is currently not even up to table top standard.
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Default Re: Rodent's army so far (Pic heavy)

All those models need is another light coat and an ink, they should look decent after that.

Originally Posted by Wargamer
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