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::Stam's Showcase::
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Old 30 Sep 2006, 16:53   #1 (permalink)
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Default ::Stam's Showcase::

Here are all my winning entries for the various Tau Online contests:






Third place Best standard bearer competition (winners seal will follow)


Fourth place Best Non-vehicular conversion competition

So, what do you think of them? Please give constructive critism or other helpful comments.

(Ideas and description for the entries are about to follow)
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Old 30 Sep 2006, 19:35   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: ::Stam's Showcase::

They're all very good; excellant highlights, but my favourite by far is the chap with the lightning claws. I like him so much I've been trying to get hold of a Captain Sicarius model so I can make my own. I've got a Termie Chaplain, but not a power armoured model. Now that I have a full-strength assault squad, I really want a jump-packing Chaplain to go with them. Although I can't help but think a pair of lightning claws would be a waste of points when he's already got his Crozius. :-\

Maybe I could just make a commander out of him?
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Default Re: ::Stam's Showcase::

Nice work there, Stam.

I must point out that your bases are always engaging and well made. A lot of good works are left wanting without a nice base. Yours compliment your minis very well. Quite a complete work up.

Would love to see the whole bunch of them

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Default Re: ::Stam's Showcase::

Your minis are great. As Mal said the bases really take the model from good to great.
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Default Re: ::Stam's Showcase::

I like the combat pose on the marine in the 1st pic...."Bring it on".

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Default Re: ::Stam's Showcase::

Very nice, I really like the bronze color of the objective marker and the Sicarius conversion.

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Default Re: ::Stam's Showcase::

Honestly I think the highlites are lacking at some points.

And I think you are making it youreself easy with a black sheme and only highliting a tiny edge.

But thats just because around my area I see a lot of 'black templars' Just chaos black, 2 red eyes some metal details and done.

Youre conversions are pretty nice, but I think you can improve youre painting a bit more.
The higlites are pretty neat though ! thats something you can do well. thin lines
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Old 02 Oct 2006, 01:24   #8 (permalink)
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Default Re: ::Stam's Showcase::

Nice work, but it would be cool to have a better pic of the first diorama
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Default Re: ::Stam's Showcase::

Thanks for your replies!

I thought I would show all the models together because this way people can comment on it. I am glad you guys like them.

Bases complete and make the model 'alive' in some way. It really pays off if you spent some time to work on them. I just used the Urban basing kit, I can really reccommend it. Making a good looking base is very simple.

The Sicarius conversion was also simply done by carefully cutting of the head and replace it with the Black Templar one. I also filed of the Ultramarines symbols and replaced the one on the chest with a Terminator badge. It is not the best paintjob on the model because I had to rush it to get it in before the deadline. But I will paint him to better standards when I have some more time.

The Objective marker is just a Space Marine painted in Bronze colours and I have put him on an old paint pot top.

The Diorama was done by using some sort of candle standard and spraying it black and putting some sand on it. I had too reposition the thumb of the Space Marine to make it look natural.

Now I'm working on my entry for the best squad competition. It will remain secret what it precisely is. :shifty:
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Default Re: ::Stam's Showcase::

Great models Stam, and impecible paint jobs on all of them.

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