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Commander "Bob" of the Malokasky 2nd
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Old 20 Sep 2006, 20:07   #1 (permalink)
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Default Commander "Bob" of the Malokasky 2nd

Crappy pics :-[, but my older (and more reliable) camera has gone MIA.

And yes, he has uber bionix.
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Default Re: Commander "Bob" of the Malokasky 2nd

See if your camera has a macro button, i think its usually denoted as a flower, this will set the camera to focus on objects that are closer (I actually just learned about it a few days ago ;D).
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Default Re: Commander "Bob" of the Malokasky 2nd

its not great, the face bad and the weapons need a wash of chestnut ink and the bionics too eyes should be white with a black dot but your gettinb etter
"all people who wear to much black are emo in my eyes" - me

Originally Posted by Lonely Tau
Originally Posted by Avor
I would like the bare legs a bit better if they weren't belonging to a old woman with Grey Hair.

Kinda wrong.
I agree with that, at least try to make her look hot and young!

Anyways, dont give toasty any ideas, he already loves his Sisters too much....
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Default Re: Commander "Bob" of the Malokasky 2nd

Originally Posted by General_Dakari

Black eyes? Who the heck has black eyes?
Everyones eye has black in it, look in a mirror.

If your really into making them look real, well, I wish you good luck in painting the colour and then the black dot.. on top of the white.

Now, from what I can tell.. the model looks ok, could use improvement, but its good.

Mhmm, just a thought, if your using the macro button.. and it turns out like this, then.. maybe don't use it, and you may get good results. 'Cuz it's really hard to see the model with those pictures. :\

Thanks to timjim for the great banner!
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Default Re: Commander "Bob" of the Malokasky 2nd

Ooh! I love your use of the Space Marine commander arms! Not only do the shoulders fit perfectly, but the bionics look great!

If you're having camera trouble, just fiddle around with it. Try and find something to change the focus. It's probably on auto focus. You should have it on magnified focus, or manual [and then bring the focus close to you]

I love the scheme... the camoflauge looks great, especially the shapes you used! I've myself been trying to get those same shapes, but it just hasn't worked out.

Nice model!
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