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My Necron Lords
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Default My Necron Lords

Here's a couple of my necrons lord. The

photo's arn't great (not bloodied fangs fault - just crappy light and in a rush

to get it done.)

But here they are up for abuse and to be laughed at...oh and

some random orks

[attachment deleted by admin]
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Default Re: My Necron Lords

Nice, but could you picture them against

something that isn't so colourful (i.e. those books) lol
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Default Re: My Necron Lords

yea the books

throw me off but from what i see they are awsome.... is your necron lord flippin the

bird??? haha you should make it doin that.... i got a marine in my army that does

that ;D you should highlight your orks with a little itsy bitsy bit of goblin green

to help em stand out
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Default Re: My Necron Lords

hi nice models i just have to sey this to make it clear though.Uhave put pictures of a non tow race not only on tau online but the tau section which is dedictaed to the tau even more! you get it!
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