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Tau Head Redesign
Closed Thread
Old 10 Jan 2006, 22:15   #1 (permalink)
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Default Tau Head Redesign

Hey guys.

Philip Sibbering, Black Library freelance artist has in his spare time been churning out a few redesigns of 40K stuff. Amongst them is a Tau head redesign, which you can find here at the bottom of the page (posted with Philip's permission).

He's curious to know what the Tau Online community think of this redesign, if it were say, ever be put forwards as a new look for the Tau (don't panic! No such plans exist currently. This is purely a 'what if' situation ).

You can find 'official' covers Philip has done for the Black Library here too!
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Old 11 Jan 2006, 00:26   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: Tau Head Redesign

Its alright but I personally dont like it much.

The main problem I have is the super large back part of the head. If a firewarrior put his helmet on then it would be slanted downwards to accomidate the lump on his head. If you look at a firewarrior model, then you can see the helmet sit straight on its head. If you did use this design on models, then you would also have to remodel the helmets.

I suggest you size down the head size.

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Default Re: Tau Head Redesign

Yea? Well I hate it. Go to hell bulb-head!
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Old 11 Jan 2006, 02:29   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: Tau Head Redesign

I'm all for a less-humanoid appearance, but I don't know about that design. Its appropriately alien, but the abnormally large frontal portion seems to give the connotation of mental deficiency...or to put it bluntly, the mis-shapen head makes dude look mentally retarded, IMO.

I also think the hairlip is bit disturbing. Like the head shape, it reminds me of a birth defect versus an appealing, unique facial characteristic. I'm also not feeling the booty-chin, unfortunately. The entire lower portion of the face still looks too human, IMO, with the defined cheek lines framing the mouth too well. It looks like a human with very thin lips and a cleft. Perhaps some type of unique facial hair pattern or even some kind of appendage(s) on his chin would do the trick.

I LOVE the eye shape and placement and the "brow" lines on the side of the head are very aesthetically pleasing to me as well.

My .02....I like the 'd like to see you re-shape the head, and try something a bit more risky with the lips and mouth. Great start, though!
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Old 11 Jan 2006, 03:03   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: Tau Head Redesign

Moment I saw it, it was similar to the head on the 'Warriors of Vior'la cover.

Unsurprising it is the same artist.

About the picture on hand, not so crazy about the styling, certainly a nifty alien, but too full on a change to be accepted by general Tau players.

Thats not to say his work is poor, great renderings all around

~ Tael
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Old 11 Jan 2006, 04:25   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: Tau Head Redesign

It's a good painting of an alien, but the design, while still recogniseable as Tau, is maybe a little too removed. The bulbous head definitely doesn't do it for me.

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Old 11 Jan 2006, 06:51   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: Tau Head Redesign

One thing: the head, which is his nostrils and eyes?

I personally don't like it at all.
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Default Re: Tau Head Redesign

This concept is very good,this does look like an alien.But IMO it's a bit too evil for a Tau.I think it'd be great for a Chaos-perverted Tau enclave >
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Default Re: Tau Head Redesign

I think if the head went backwards instead of upwards it'd look better, but at the moment it looks more like a 'Nid Termagaunt, I love his other works to date, as an artist myself I have tried to redesign Tau and Eldar heads, but I have not found one which feels right to me, and I do envy Phil (if i may call him Phil) that he has gone against the norm, as I have not.

If you have read this and it sounds like I hate it, I do not at all, i love it an i respect Phil for his bold move.
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Default Re: Tau Head Redesign

For realism, excellent.

For marketting, no.

People prefer people-shaped things.
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