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Tau Kill Team Leader
Closed Thread
Old 19 Oct 2004, 05:14   #1 (permalink)
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Default Tau Kill Team Leader

Well after reading the 4th addiction oh I mean addition book.
I saw the rules for the Kill Teams and thought wow thats cool I wna tto do that.

So I got started.

Heres my Team Leader.

He is a Tau and after schooling and training he was sent to lead the kroot and work witht hem.
After many years he was left out tin combat and instead of teaching the Kroot how to be more like Tau He became more like Kroot.
Fighting by tracking and more hth and taking trophies of his kills to proove how great a warrior he is.

Well after returning hime he was not fitting in so he was sent away to a new assignmetn.
Kill Team leader.
I tried to give him a Native American feel to him as a tracker etc.

Anyways Here he is



Please let me know what you think?
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Old 19 Oct 2004, 09:09   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: Tau Kill Team Leader

Ummm.... literally the most bad-ass firewarrior i have ever seen, what color is that orange? is it a citidel paint?

MAD props, great job 8)
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Old 19 Oct 2004, 13:25   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: Tau Kill Team Leader

VERY COOL Greydeath, I like the `Kroot Rifle' look. Its just like the 1750s in the new world where many of the Colonists picked up the use of the tomahawk from the local Native Americans.

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Old 19 Oct 2004, 15:57   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: Tau Kill Team Leader

I love that paint scheam.
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Default Re: Tau Kill Team Leader

brilliant all i have to say is brilliant
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Default Re: Tau Kill Team Leader

*all terminators flee for their lives* that is NICE, feugan has got the V4 so i've been reading his, your fits in niceley with the example conversions
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Default Re: Tau Kill Team Leader

awsome whats with all of the human stuff im exactly sure what a kill team member is so bear with me.
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Old 20 Oct 2004, 03:58   #8 (permalink)
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Default Re: Tau Kill Team Leader

YOu know what this is my favorite cahracter I have right now.

I am half Indian, Black Foot.
So when I did this and it actually turned out well pretty good and the pictures suck.. Serious looks so good in person. Old cheap camera.
Anyways I am also glad all of you thought as highly of it as I did.

FourFingeredFury ,
Thank you that was cool of you to say.
The colors are not GW its just hobby and acrylic craft paint.
The colors are dark red then dark orange then highlight with pumpkin orange.
I know not much help. I am not to good at explaining stuff sorry.

Thanks not only a cool responce to my post but a great piece of history for me. I like htat.
And yes thats it exactly. Uhm but with Kroot...
Thank you.

Thank you. Glad you like it as much as I do.
Not tired of my stuff yet I hope.
This is all my some what painted stuff.
I have alot of stuff on the table so I will give you all a brake until this weekend or next week.

Thank you and for the feedback.
And I wanted to make my own stuff but I am glad it also goes with there stuff and fits in.
Pretty cool stuff and idea huh?
I wanted to make a Kill Team as soon as I read that.
Very cool stuff and its a great way to get started.
Or try new things.

Thanks elflord9d for the feedback glad you think he looks cool even if your not shure whats up with him and not judgeing me for it.

Kill teams are cool they take on Mobs.
They are smaller points and you get to convert up all your stuff if you wnat to be like the Last Chanders and stuff like that.
You get to create a team.
Because my team has alot of Human Gue'vesa's and fight on imperial soil I wanted to show that he has had to make do without much Tau help so he has had to take on human gear to get buy.
I have a background talkinga bout how he adapted to the kroot and thats why some of his knives and blades have kroot gear.
Then H also adapted to the Gue'vesa and thats why some of there gear.
Then he picked up a bad habit from the Kroot.
When he gets a kill thats worth talking about he takes a kill trophy. Hince the Ultra Marines Sash. How cool is that for a Tau to sit around the camp fire going hey I killed a space marine?
So thats why. He takes knive canteens gear of his victims for survival and trophies.

Hope that helped a little.
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Default Re: Tau Kill Team Leader

Very cool model... reminds me of a character in one of my fluff pieces... oh wait, I haven't posted that bit yet! :-X
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Originally Posted by Tom Norman
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Default Re: Tau Kill Team Leader

Very very tight man thats a nice model

"Hey Gw i've found your a new Heavy metal painter"

Ne ways you seem 2 have missed 1 small thing He needs 2 have take a soulstone from an eldar. its mean and cruel but hey its fits.

Great idea, what were you smoking when you came up with this i need 2 buy some.
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