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Chaos Terminator Lord
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Default Chaos Terminator Lord

Hi there! Decided to test out my skills in painting, been during it for about half a year, so im fearly new at it.
So far I have done about 1000pt of tau, but wanted to try something new and a bit more shiny

heres the pics:

Front, the lighting isnt the best.

from the side, the light is a bit better here

Close up of the weapon, wanted it to be abit demonish

From behind

Heres one of the shoulder, took some time, but the result got out nice

Please comment, want to know what i can do better for the next time!

The weapons are chosen so they look cool, not usefull.
Dident plan out on painting the tyranide head pink, dident notice untill it was done -.-
Developed my skills while doing it so the quality differes around it (found a new method to paint gold halfway throu, look at the difference between the forward leg and the shoulderpad, also the spacemarine wing was the first thing i painted so could prolly do it better :/ .)
The base was done in a hurry, since i wanted it to be done for good!

Regards jalle48
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