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The Officio Assassinorum (RP Mission Thread)
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Default Re: The Officio Assassinorum (RP Mission Thread)

Originally Posted by Wargamer
[OOC - Just as a heads up, I have been working pretty painful hours lately, and so I probably won't have the mental will, let alone time, to get back into this until around Friday. As such, I'm leaving a blanket concept for how Ali will behave, in order of importance:

Kill the Target.
Aid allies.
Maintain cover.

Okay. Good luck.]
We finished :P
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Default Re: The Officio Assassinorum (RP Mission Thread)

RB looked at the outer limits of the tower. So many cultists and slaves. 'Being one of them will be easy' he thought to himself 'the rest not so much.' Already an omen looked over the planet. The swirls of warp space alreadly teased at the planet. Deathly grasps of blacks and purples caressed at the tower, its bronze finish draining away. Already this place had died. The dirt walked upon gasped for the life of foot steps.

As a huddle of cultists stumbled past RB left his leaning post of a petrified tree. To the center of the group, one trodden foot, a brawl of shoves and scratches begins. His sleek and agile moves made him seem involved; but in the mash of limbs he dropped his over coat and took a cloak clean of a cultist. It was soon when a chaos marine stormed up to keep the crowd moving.

RB raised the cloaks hood to hide his face and stumbled along with the crowd. The easy bit over, he followed the orders of digging trenches.

This was so simple but effective. From the cultists digging the tower was no more than 20 feet away, but all between there and here was barren ground. His first point of entry was to begin here.

I'll await for my team mate to make his intro and maybe first moves as I iron out my details.
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