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The Officio Assassinorum (Sign Up / Discussion) ++Mission in Progress++
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Default Re: The Officio Assassinorum (Sign Up / Discussion) ++BEAR WITH ME :P++

Welcome to the Assassinorum UH and Walrus




+++SENDER: Inquisitor Lex+++

Thought for the Day: Our Faith is our shield. Our Hatred is our sword.
To the Agents of the Holy Emperor's Assassinorum,
I request your aid on Feucia V; a planet on the outskirts of the Eye of Terror.
Chaos forces have surged from the eye to take control of parts of the sparsely populated planet, they have set up the largest bastions on the North and South Poles. I was sent to investigate the reasons behind this small conquest and it has become apparent that they plan to drag the planet and all its remaining population into the eye of terror for whatever vile ends they have in mind.
They have powerful alpha level psykers, two of them, one at the Northmost Pole, one on the South. Intelligence has shown us that together these psykers will act as a focus to allow the warp to flood the planet and drag it into the eye.
They must be killed.
However there is a catch. They must be killed at the same time, else the negative warp feedback on the remaining psyker will undoubtedly swallow the planet and destroy it in a warpstorm.
I do not pretend to understand the specifics of warp-matter-physics, but this I am assured, both Alpha Pskyers must die. And die TOGETHER.
The Northern Psyker is contained in a giant brass castle that they have constructed. The Southern is simply camped with a large dug-in force of traitors on the snowy planes of the south pole. Neither Alpha Psyker will be hard to spot ill wager.
To outline your objectives:
+++ Primary - Kill both Alpha Psykers+++
+++Secondary - Dont let the planet get destroyed by warp storms - Kill them at the same time. +++
By the authority of the Immortal Emperor of Mankind, let it be so.



Ok this is for two assassins. One gets the citadel north psyker, one gets the snowy plains south. You can decide between you.
The kills must be made withing 5 hours of each other in game terms. So if you person kills his target, then the other has 5 hours to kill theirs, else the kills are considered not similtanious and the planet gets eaten by a warp storm.
Comunication and teamwork needed here

Another note - Alpha Level Psykers are not normal Psykers, they are GOD-LIKE. They can read your mind, sense you, break you into atoms with a few muttered words. Think how you are going to get near one and outsmart one. Bear in mind they are totally mad and hold no allegiance perticularly aside from themselves.
Here is an extract about them for those unfamilliar -

"Those cursed with the incredable level of psycic talent are codeified by the Black Ships of the Inquisitation as Alpha Level- the highest catogory a human can reach. Alpha Level psykers can turn a man inside out with a glance. A mere flick of the wrist can snap a battle Titan in two, or a muttered syllable turn an army upon itself in a frenzy of bloodlust. With suck godlike powers at their disposal, it is a small wonder that Alpha Level psykers are amongst the most dreaded foes that the Ordo hereticus of the Inquisitation must face."
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Default Re: The Officio Assassinorum (Sign Up / Discussion) ++Mission Available++

I would like to take on this task. Heading more for the tower. I would leave getting past the traitor legion for another to take. As a note I work 8 hour shifts and my shifts always change from day to day, so one day I could be working early and other days I could be starting as the mourning shifts finish. This is so my partner knows to get a time conformation from me before making the kill so I can attempt to finish up in time also. I do however check the forums before and after work regardless of times.

If the mission is given then are there any details as to the security and layout of the tower and what sort of guards will be present.
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Default Re: The Officio Assassinorum (Sign Up / Discussion) ++Mission Available++

I will accompany Raving Bonkers

The might of the Empire bears down on you...

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Default Re: The Officio Assassinorum (Sign Up / Discussion) ++Mission Available++

I kinda wanted to give it a try, but i have no idea how my assassin could pull it off with out taking out the planet :P. So i guess ill sit this one out and watch you guys work.
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Default Re: The Officio Assassinorum (Sign Up / Discussion) ++Mission Available++

Then we have our Operatives ;D

The tower is simple and crude consisting of around 20 stories. Around it is a trench network filled with petty labourers and cultists. Expect Chaos marines inside the tower. You are likely to find the Alpha Psyker at the top.

The southern snow wastes are a large flat plane filled with simple huts and tents along with some more advanced constructions for chaos marines. There are cultists and slaves with chaos marines mixed in. The Alpha Psyker is likely to be found at the core of the settlement.

The cultists and slaves are heretics who worship the psykers as gods, poorly trained and badly armed. The marines are Word Bearers and are elite, highly trained well armoured and a couple would be a match for an assassin in a straight fight. Careful guys and good luck

Yea, do we have any Cuxleus? :-X
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Default Re: The Officio Assassinorum (Sign Up / Discussion) ++Mission Available++

Damn, to late! I would have liked to get in on this one too. :-X
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Can I join?
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