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Testing a system.
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Default Testing a system.

Don't know how anyone will feel about this but it means a relatively simple system were fights are resolved automatically...

Unit sizes would be around IG infantry or tank company, small Tau cadre or a space marine/sister squad.
Units types divided into offensive and defensive infantry, vehicle, artillery and tank with modifiers such as "Flying" or "Stupid" as well as type-specific upgrades such as "Self-propelled" for artillery or "Scouts" for offensive infantry.

There will be a single map divided into squares. Each player will have control of 1 or more companies and would be divided into two teams. Each square can hold more than one company, plus attatchments (e.g., sentinels or armoured fists given to infantry, kroot or vespid, summoned daemons etc)

Each company has hit-points (this includes morale), speed, use-of-cover (UoC), and attack value.

When two companies collide their attack value is modified by speed, terrain and UoC for both sides and Company 1's Attack Value decreases C2's HP whilst C2's AV decreases C1's HP.

Thats a bit simplised but I wanted to get it down and get some feedback, good or bad.

EDIT: changed some very silly mistakes.
I've hung up my frisbee and finished lunch. Good luck and good bye!

[I do not wish this account to be deleted, but I will no longer be posting much]

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