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The Alliance Signup Thread(Stargate SGC RP)
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Default The Alliance Signup Thread(Stargate SGC RP)

The year is 2015, and the United Nations Stargate Command stationed at Cheyenne Mountain has been continuing it's operations through the one remaining stargate on Earth. A significant time has passed since the defeat of the Ori fleet, and the USAF has continued it's secret construction of exploratory and military space craft for the UNSGC. Today, a large portion of the Milky Way is patrolled by joint-Jaffa/US craft, while better equipped and trained SG teams continue to explore other stargate addresses yet un-touched by Earth forces.

Meanwhile, the Lucian Alliance has continued to fuel tension between the UNSGC and the Jaffa people, but there has been no open war between the two factions since the destruction of the Icarus Project. With the growing power of the UNSGC's military power in space, there is hope that they can eventually flush out the Lucian terrorists and defeat them once and for all.

At the same time in the Pegasus Galaxy, Operations have continued in an attempt to free the wraith of their cursed existence. While many of the species have undergone the gene therapy that takes away their need to feed on humans, many still find the process beneath them, and have continued to search for a way to the next feeding ground in the Milky Way galaxy....

You are members of the SGC, soldiers from the US airforce trained to travel through the stargate and act as explorers, diplomats, and defenders of peace in the galaxy at large. You are the top scientist in your field, or one of the best archeologists in the modern day, pulled away from your work to participate in a higher cause. Either way, you are as important to history as Neil Armstrong, and the rest of the world will never even know your name.

Depending on the size of the group, Silk Spectre and I will either be running you as a single SG team (SG12), or multiple teams working for the same cause. If the group of participants are large enough, we may even have two separate teams, one in the Pegasus Galaxy, and one or more in the Milky Way, although it's doubtful we'll get that many. Either way, for now it's one team. We'll nominate a leader as somebody we trust to the task, and the rest will be soldiers, scientists, archeologists, ect.

First we'll need the application filled out as follows:

Nameadd rank if a USAF soldier)
ClassDescribed Below)
DescriptionPhysical qualities, and background information)
EquipmentEvery SG member will be equipped with a minimum of a P120c submachine gun, as well as an M9 sidearm, a standard US military uniform with situational digital camo, a modified flak jacket with energy-absorbing plates designed to defend against staff weapons, a gasmask, tinted goggles, and helmet. As well, each member will be given a camo pack with food, a dail-code device, and a radio, with ample room to add more to it.)

Class Types: Each member has a certain ability that makes them useful to the team. You must choose one of these, and if you don't want a specific duty, the default is 'Soldier' with (standard equipment).

Scientist: You are a brilliant individual, and while your PHD may be in quantum mechanics, your natural skill in dealing with alien devices over the years makes you able to work with just about any situation regarding ancient or outright alien technologies, as well as environmental and stellar sciences.

Archeologist: Going out and exploring ancient ruins is your dream, so when you were chosen to be a part of the SGC, you took the job without question. After years of working off world, you have gained considerable knowledge under the wing of Daniel Jackson. You fluently speak most local languages, and even have a base understanding of ancient, although some of the older dialects give you trouble. You have special equipment for quick carbon dating, and other archeological equipment.

Scout: even though you're a soldier of the Airforce, you always loved the outdoors, as well as jogging and nature walks. When you were chosen for the stargate program, you quickly showed yourself to be a natural scout and tracker. You are nimbler than most other personnel, and have some heavy magnification scopes, and an extended-barrel SCAR-2 that can be used to snipe on the fly.

Heavy: You are are the muscle of the SG team, and are capable of taking on a Jaffa in single combat, be it through a fairly prestigious boxing career, martial arts training, or just shear massive bulk. As well, you are usually allowed to handle the heavy equipment such as LMGs and grenade launchers. You may keep the special weapon in addition to your standard issue weaponry as well.

(More will be added later when I can think of some or somebody suggests something.)
Originally Posted by Fish Ead
I can go either way.
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Default Re: The Alliance Signup Thread(Stargate SGC RP)

Name: PFC.Stone
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Class: Scout
Description: James Stone joined the USAF when he was 18, and quickly took a liking to marksmanship and the modification of his own weapons, he is 6' 1" and has a very high level of stamina. In the USAF he served for 5 years before being pulled to join the Stargate program.
Equipment: Basics (see OP), HK PSG-1 with extended barell and modified optics, Camo Cloak, Ghille Suit, KA-1259 combat knife and a picture of his girlfriend: Rhiannon


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Default Re: The Alliance Signup Thread(Stargate SGC RP)

Hmm- might as well... :P

My knowledge of the stargate universe is incredibly limited though- so feel free to boot me out if necessary... (And let me know if any of what's shown below is unacceptable)

Here goes:

Name: Daerkka
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Class: Heavy
Description: Daerkka was a rugged and boisterous member of the USAF when he joined at the age of 18. Not much is known of his past, but it is rumored he was a former mercenary for several of his teenage years before he started working for the USAF, and is possibly of Mongolian decent- but these rumors have not been confirmed and may be completely unfounded. As a certain word similar to his name may suggest- Daerkka is disturbingly effective with certain heavy weapons.

Equipment: M60E3 Machine Gun, Satedan pistol, Sateda Warrior Armor, gasmask, tinted goggles, helment, camo pack
Tyranids: 1500
Eldar: 1000

My brother's armies
Space marines: 1500
Daemonhunters: 200- and staying there for a long time.
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Default Re: The Alliance Signup Thread(Stargate SGC RP)

Name: John Ananke Coeus.
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Class: Scientist
Originally Australian born, Coeus undertook a more classical schooling, before pursuing a career in astrophysics. A brilliant Astrophysicist, Coeus was asked to join the SGC at the age of 24. Now, 5 years later, Coeus' intelligence, knowledge, and experience is often invaluable to any team. While many initially expect Coeus to be the bumbling mad scientist, often not helped by Coeus himself, 5 years in the SGC have given Coeus combat skills that surpass average.

Equipment: Standard + Austeyr F88A4 + various other scientific items. (If I can get away with being general).

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