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Looking for tips on how to run an RP
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Default Re: Looking for tips on how to run an RP

Two sites I used to boost my GM abilities by a considerable amount.




The first is an archive now, but essentially the two are collections of tons of GM's who have shared their experience(s). The advice is solid and covers a range of things inside and outside of the game.

The majority of articles feel geared towards DnD, but as anyone will tell you the core skills behind a GM don't change that drastically, so the tools and advice offered are top-notch.

Put it this way, after gaming experience of my own, after reading the first site I was more than ready to be a competent, likeable, GM in my own right. I'd say that it gives you everything you need other than the only thing that can't be taught... The actual experience of GM'ing. A few games under your belt though and it's smooth gaming from then on.

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Default Re: Looking for tips on how to run an RP

My general rules are generally similar to those that are given here but I'll give mine anyway ;

1)No one gets left behind: Whenever they split up and go around their own quests, always give them equal screentime. If however you are unable to due to the session, do keep a mental tab to give them a)Personal RP sessions or b)Give them slightly more screentime for the next session.

2)Everything can be done, but there will be consequences: This one I can't stress enough. If they want to clown around, make them realize that there will be consequences in clowning around. Give them hard choices, that no matter what will have consequences.

3)Balancing the game: The stronger the item, the more setbacks you must give to balance things out. The stronger the party, the more challenging the opponents are. These can be from the straight-up higher level monsters, or better yet a much more difficult puzzle or situation where they are forced to use skills that they are not equipped with to get further in a situation (but not soo much that they can't do it at all).

4)Create the mood: This one takes practice and some flair of storytelling. Things that can make the setting better; Music and voice-acting.

5)Always make a twist in the story: You need to give your players some surprises along the way, such as hidden quest items or even their actions in sessions determining the end result of their own campaign.

6)Get ready to ad-lib, improvise, create new characters on the fly, etc: Basically be prepared with bullshitting skills, as sometimes your character will stray out from your intended adventure tree. I once created characters in my head and went about playing it, and my players never knew that he is created on the spot.

7)Make your players develop their character: IF you are not a true roleplayer you can ignore this one. But generaly do encourage your players to write up stories about their characters and give it to you. Discuss with them as to how best to bring about the character to life. Before you know it, they will think that they are rally searching for their parent's killer.

8)Write your story: Well, players do stray off, but at least have a basic plot as to how you want the story to go. The beginning, climax and ending must be there, but how they go about reaching each step is up to the player.
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